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  1. JohnTheRipper

    LEGO Mindstorms NXT Laser CNC

    I finally put aside some time to record this video. Direct link: Lego MINDSTORMS NXT Laser CNC - YouTube It's made with one Mindstorms NXT (v1, not the revised v2) kit. I'm having a bit of an issue with wobble, but I can probably fix it. It's not intended as a "practical" CNC due to the...
  2. JohnTheRipper

    Some pictures I took with my new D7000

    Kit lens for now, I have another lens that might be a bit better for low light stuff that I got from a friend, but I'm sticking with the kit one for now. I shot some of the pics with just the auto mode (no flash), and some of them with shutter speed priority on and a long exposure (max I tried...
  3. JohnTheRipper

    Some pictures I took with my new D7000

    They're all downsized in quality and size by Imgur, if you want them in their full 4928 × 3264 glory, you can download this 29MB zipped archive of them all. In a related area of discussion... What are the best settings for these types of pics?
  4. JohnTheRipper

    Want a new laser, parents don't want me to buy

    I got a 5mw (later metered at closer to 30mw) DX laser or two, then told my parents I was going to get something bigger. My father didn't care, my mother worried until I convinced her about safety, etc. Maybe it wasn't the wisest jump, but I survived 5mw -> 1.2W without loosing my eyesight, and...
  5. JohnTheRipper

    WL S3 Lightsaber??

    Picture was directed at WL, not at you. Thanks for posting this video :D.
  6. JohnTheRipper

    Survivallaser SL I | 1.2W

    Yes. Will It Blend? - Laser Pointers - YouTube
  7. JohnTheRipper

    WL S3 Lightsaber??

  8. JohnTheRipper


    Do you have a university in town or nearby? Call up the physics department and ask if they have a LPM, it's worth a shot.
  9. JohnTheRipper

    Survivallaser SL I | 1.2W

    Ah, ok. Thanks for pointing that out!
  10. JohnTheRipper

    The most beautiful wavelength?

    Hmm.. I'd say that I really like 473nm, but choosing from the wavelengths I currently own, I'm not sure which I like best... 532, 445 and 405 are all awesome.
  11. JohnTheRipper

    Survivallaser SL I | 1.2W

    Is it just me, or is that the description I wrote for my video? Laser Assembly SL I 1.2W - YouTube
  12. JohnTheRipper

    Kipkay's Propaganda ; Rhetorical Analysis

    Damnit, he isn't even trying these days...
  13. JohnTheRipper

    Do blue lasers require ir filters?

    Blue and red are diode-based lasers, and do not produce IR.
  14. JohnTheRipper

    Sunglasses for 15-50 mW lasers?

    From: Laser FAQ - Laser Wiki
  15. JohnTheRipper

    20W of a 589nm - Not kidding :)

    Well, we know WL won't be making it. Where's those LPM pictures you promised us a few days ago? ————————— As far as this thread goes, thanks for the pictures! That's quite a nice laser. 20W... Damn, that's insane!
  16. JohnTheRipper

    China shipping fun (To US)

    As far as I remember, my SL I (US), and DinoDirect (INTL) packages required a signature, but I don't think all the DealExtreme ones needed signatures. You should expect to need a signature.
  17. JohnTheRipper

    Do these Dino Direct glasses look good?

    No, use these ones: Laser Protective Goggles For 200-540nm and 800-2000nm(RD4B) - DinoDirect.com
  18. JohnTheRipper

    eagle pair saftey glasses

    Eagle Pair are very high quality and work great for my 1.2 W SL I. I'd say you should buy the Eagle Pair, as they have been proven to be some of the best "cheaper" goggles around (the next step up is OEM laser systems, which is quite a bit more expensive). I wouldn't trust those DL goggles.
  19. JohnTheRipper

    All claims no proof?

    Lolz, the image on the first page is quite relevant. Anyways, cvmvnbvbcbvvcmvncbv, our points still stand. Why are you all of a sudden willing to give us a result ASAP? 8 devices that can record pictures/video, and it takes you more than 4 days before you suddenly offer to produce results...
  20. JohnTheRipper

    All claims no proof?

    Re: Didn't want to start a flame war! Don't close it yet, we may have a use for this thread later, instead of making yet another one when something else related to this whole fiasco comes up.