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  1. Daddy

    I followed a tutorial to make a DIY mouse-operated laser turret!

    I thought you guys would like to see my shitty duct tape baby. Click this text if you want to make your own.
  2. Daddy

    My Experience with Sanwu

    Well hello there fellow humans. In May, I ordered a Sanwu Red Guardian: my first real laser, and I want to talk about my experience. There was also a deal where I got a free (200mw?) red laser pointer. This might be useful to you if you're ordering from Sanwu for the first time. When I got the...
  3. Daddy

    Something's wrong... help!

    Hey guys. Got my Sanwu Red Guardian in the post today. It has a 1W 405nm diode. It arrived much sooner than I was expecting. After I tried to use it, I immediately noticed something was wrong. I put my Nitecore IMR 18350 battery in and turned on the laser. Immediately it started smoking. The...
  4. Daddy

    Anyone have one of these? (Sanwu Red Guardian)

    Hello humans / giant telepathic spiders. I'm new here; I'm looking to pick up my first real laser after I save up for it. I have my eye on this exquisite Sanwu laser, specifically the 3W version, and I'm wondering if anyone has one because I want to ask a few questions about it. I really like...