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    Laser at 1 million FPS

    Yes thats frames per second, some college made a 1 million FPS camera. video taping the pulse. It looks amazing Laser pulse shooting through a bottle and visualized at a trillion FPS - YouTube Source http://www.overclock.net/t/1183886/wd-mits-trillion-fps-camera-video#post_15934275
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    "Better Laser Diode Could Dramatically Improve Hardware"

    DailyTech - Researcher Invents Better Laser Diode, Could Dramatically Improve Hardware Maybe we will see some improvement in handheld laser technology soon-ish
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    Laser Core HDD 10TB

    Hitachi Aims for 10TB Drives With Laser Heat - Tom's Hardware 20nm, must burn GOOOOD :D Pretty much if the disk is hotter when read it can pack in more data. I wonder how a 20nm laser will heat the almost perfect mirror like disk in a hdd?
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    1 Megajoule laser

    One megajoule laser brings nuclear fusion closer to reality -- Engadget :drool:
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    Homemade Smoker tunnel HDD

    Ok if you have a hard drive that is corrupt but still spins it makes a GREAT "time tunnel". My issue with it is the power supply, right now i have a SATA to 4 pin molex and i use my computer PSU to turn it on. Im looking to get that 4 pin molex to connect to a set of batteries or possibly a wall...
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    Rayfoss dark purple host fixit?

    Id like to know how to remove the module from the host, my diode has died and i cant find a way to remove it. Could i maybe even replace just the diode with a better one, the laser was a 50mw blu-ray from rayfoss i don't know what diode was in there, but its dead. Any help would be great...
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    Rayfoss 200mW Focusable

    Hey i own this pointer with the key tail cap, i was wondering if anyone has or knows how to secure a wrist strap that will be secure enough to actually wear.
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    Rayfoss, dropped, soft ringing

    Hi ok today i dropped my blu-ray 50mW rayfoss water proof. After wards i tried to turn it on, it flickered on an off a few times then went dead, I recharged the battery stuck it in and tried it for a few seconds. I heard this whispering ringing like sound, then it went to a muffle of sorts. I...
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    Rayfoss Blu-Ray </=50mW Waterproof/Focusable?

    It says its waterproof, though it looks it, it also has rubber rings. I cant figure out how to focus it Rayfoss Is the one i bought It also looks very dim i heard this is normal for 405nm What kind of distance should i expect from this 50mw? EDIT: The person that emailed me back said to focus...
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    Beam shape

    Hi new here, there's this really cool effect that lasers give when waving it across smoke. It like swirling madness, in order to make it appear the "waving" creates a "wall" of light but only temporarily. I was wondering how i can make a wall of laser light with optics.