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  1. Boosted98gsx

    How long does O-Like shipping take?

    Normally? Just wondering when I should expect to see my laser at the door. The tracking site still says "dispatched overseas" and it's been a week.
  2. Boosted98gsx

    I was fortunate enough to get this O-like Green Gun Laser

    She's 25mw (upped from the 15 it was supposed to be). I asked O-like to up it up to 25 from the 15 it was advertised as, so that I could get a bit more reach from it at the range. It came with the picatiny rail mount. They have since discontinued selling this model. here are the pics.
  3. Boosted98gsx

    So I dissassebled a whole bunch of DL DVD burners at work today

    And took the sleds home. Now I have a bunch of 3 prong diodes sitting here on my desk. A couple came from some light scribe HP burners, others came from toshiba labelflash burners. Anyone have any pictures of these sleds and which diodes are the proper ones to use? *edit* I am currently...
  4. Boosted98gsx

    Canabilized my first DVD-RW Laser Diode

    So I got my first diode. This thing is BRIGHT when coupled to 2 AA's. But it's scattered all over the place, not a "beam". What do you guys recommend to focus the beam? I want to add this into a spare minimag that I have sitting around. Thanks.