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  1. Proton

    WTB Violet laser 500mW-2W

    either is fine
  2. Proton

    WTB Violet laser 500mW-2W

    I am looking to buy a violet laser diode or full host setup + diode with a power of 500mW-2W.
  3. Proton

    Cool experiments?

    Nah, its just that a lot of hobbyist built lasers have bad specs, red lasers are easier to make more powerful for hobbyists so I guess it is a misconception, but I dont know if my laser is powerful enough, so I guess I will find out. If not then I'll buy/build a red laser as well!
  4. Proton

    Cool experiments?

    I have a blue laser with a power of about 1W. I have a youtube channel where I mainly make chemistry related videos but I wanna expand to lasers and whatnot as well. I want to do some cool experiments but I am pretty new to lasers. I am going to attempt to levitate particles with it but other...
  5. Proton

    Got my new shades

    Awesome, be careful with those overpowered "5 mW" green lasers. They often also have infrared light in them and IR wavelengths start at about 700nm and end at about 1000nm. and NO, NEVER take the goggles off and look at any high powered laser, you WILL go blind. I would recommend recording it...
  6. Proton

    Case for lasers?

    You could use a camera carrying case or modify a briefcase/carrying case if you don't wanna spend any money
  7. Proton

    Hello, I am a new member

    I am from New York and I major in Chemistry but I want to get into lasers as a hobby because they are remarkably interesting.