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    Mother of all red diodes

    Hi forum, I just finished mounting the mother of all red diodes. It is a custom-manufactured 635nm laser diode with an output power of perhaps 10 watts or more. Its lasing threshold is a whopping 4.5A, yet my power supply is only capable of 9. I'm sure it could handle at least 15. :-) Imgur...
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    WTB: >2A Boost Driver for Kryton Groove

    Title says it all, looking for a >2A boost converter I can jam into a Kryton Groove host. Quite tired of these lame half-sized lithium ion batteries :-)
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    WTB: Helical flash lamp

    I just broke my brand new helical xenon laser lamp :-( Image: http://i.imgur.com/tXdVqEr.jpg Does anyone have something similar?
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    Thermal sensitivity of red diodes?

    Hi forum; I recently got my hands on quite a large red laser diode. I am not sure how powerful it is, /several watts at the very least/, but, the threshold current is 4.5A, and my power supply can only do 5 :-) >>Photo of diode<< Nonetheless, I have noticed a very strange characteristic with...
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    Diameter of AixiZ line generator lens?

    Hi Forum, If anyone has one of these lenses handy, would you be able to tell me what the diameter of it is? http://www.aixiz.com/store/images/Line%20lens.jpg Thank you!
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    Unidentified Thermopile

    Hi all, Has anyone by chance, seen this model thermopile? If so, have you any idea who made it? it is very nondescript. Two machine threads are drilled into the bottom of this aluminum block. (not pictured). Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Edit: Seems to be made by ophir...
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    Anyone have a Blue PT-121 phlatlight?

    Hello All, I am in need of a blue PT-121 phlatlight. Does anyone have one? If so, please PM me :-)
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    Be safe.

    Scare story; do what you can to prevent my mistakes. It took 5 years' worth of laser experiments, but I finally managed to do myself in. Not with a 100W yag, or a 50W laserscope, but rather, with a divergent 445 diode. Here's what not to repeat: In one of our research labs' basements there is...
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    Need a YAG galvo

    Hello Forum, I'm looking for a closed-loop galvanometer that is capable of steering my 100W Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser. Any ideas?
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    Gren's yearly "I have too much sh*t" sale!

    Hi all, it's gren's time to liquidate again! So... 30mA Neon sign transformers, $35 ea. 4kV, 5kV, 6kV, 7.5kV and 9kV, pick and choose. Two fit in a $16 flat rate box, and they're good up to 150VAC. ==== http://i.imgur.com/sfBkIoi.jpg 90mA 9kV NSTs - $60. They're bigger and heavier, but more...
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    WTB: Powerful 405nm diode

    Hi all, I have a buddy looking for a rather powerful 405nm diode for use in an SLA printer. Anyone have a >550mW 405nm diode laying around? -Gren
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    FS: Ultimaker + All the goodies

    Hi Everyone, Longtime no see. Anyway, I have an ultimaker that I no longer use anymore. Anyone want her? I've only used it for maybe 10 prints, at most. Photo Album - Imgur MSRP is $1566, and it comes with the ulticontroller ($104) and the netfabb software ($196) [all according to google...
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    Does anyone work in telecom?

    I'm looking for someone who works in the telecom business; sets up PBX's, VoIP phones, knows what a T1/E1 line and a DS0 channel is... etc. If you happen to work in the telecom business, or know someone who does please let me know! :thanks:
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    FS: 996mW 532nm Krypton Lasersaber

    For sale: 996mW S3 krypton with lasersaber attachment. New batteries, charger, polyester case & lasershades. MSRP for the lot is $1200. First $925 takes it! $275 off retail for this laser kit is more than a fair deal. Paypal or Google. Google much preferred. This laser comes with...
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    Selling my Krypton

    Yes, a krypton, big fiasco blah blah. Here's a No Bullshit version of a krypton sale. Up for sale is my essentially brand new >750mW S3 Krypton laser. Overall she averages about that; 750mW. For lack of a better way to say it, it's essentially a handheld sunbeam. Provided the sun was green...
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    Gren's for sale list.

    Still have more stuff I'd rather not take into a tiny dorm... Tesla Coil Capacitors: 50kV, teflon, pulse rated, 15nF - $70 Box of 30kV 750pf caps: $100. Make a nice CW multiplier or something. X-Ray tubes, new. From L to R: $110, $90, $100. AC flyback transformers. Various...
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    FS: 1.45W lab laser - $750

    Well, I bought a very expensive ND:YAG deck which should give me 1000mJ pulses at 25Hz. This means about 8 watts of green if I align a few crystals correctly... This also means that I'm no longer going to need my 1.5W labby! 150 yard beamshot: Beam dot: TEM 11. Power Graph...
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    FS: Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscope AND Signal Generator - $500 for both

    I've upgraded my scope; so unfortunately I must say goodbye to this fellow: It's a calibrated TEK TDS210 digital storage oscilloscope, and it works great. Has all the fun measurement and trigger features, plus what's down below: Bandwidth: 60 MHz Sample Rate: 1 GS/sec Record Length...
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    SSY-1 Wanted

    I'm looking for an SSY-1, hopefully one with a working q switch. Let me know if you have one sitting on your shelf! :-)
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    Looking for a mirror galvanometer

    Hi LPF, I'm looking for a mirror galvanometer, one which would be suitable for directing a green beam to a new direction on every beat. Yeah I know, going to have to do a lot of EE for that but it's not THAT terrible. Willing to trade tritium lamps for one!