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    Sold: Ophir 50(150)A-BB-SH-26 Laser Sensor including Juno USB Interface(connect to PC)

    Sold 12/8 the price drop to $450 in total 11/1 the price drop to $600 in total 8/18 updated with Juno USB Interface (New one is priced at $1000)---can connect to PC directly Clik on this for Features: Juno P/N 7Z01250 Compact Juno USB Interface 50(150)A-BB-26 | Laser Thermal Power Sensors |...
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    <pending>FS:Ophir 20c-A-1-Y + Brand new meter

    <sold out>FS:Ophir 20c-A-1-Y + Brand new meter <sold out>FS:Ophir 20c-A-1-Y + Brand new meter
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    SOLD: 10W Rubicon X LPM (Pristine Condition)

    Hi guys I wanna buy other stuff so have to sell this great product. BTW, I used it less than 10 times, so it is still in very good condition. PLEASE NOTE: This sale DOES NOT include the Ophir 20C-A-1-Y head What you are buying including: 1) Rubicon X LPM 2) One cables for data logging 3)...
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    SOLD: LaserBee Ophir 5Watt LPM with datalogging

    Hi guys, I need to free up money to buy some stuff so have to sell this great LPM. If you are interested in Ophir 5W LPM, kindly refer to this review thread as below http://laserpointerforums.com/f52/review-laserbee-5watt-laser-power-meter-81952.html Meter and sensor are working very well with...
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    Review: dark smoke minisabre v2 with 3element and 405-g1

    Hi guys: I wanna do a review regarding minisabre built from Danefex. I got Sabre on 2/28 2013 with very safe packing. The Specs : M140 diode this video is Dan meter this laser for me with 3element lens. I change to 405-G-1 lens from Jayrob, power become stronger as below As its silm...
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    Review:LaserBee 5Watt Laser Power Meter

    This is my first review due to dunno how to express very well in English. However someone encourage me to do this so I will give it a try. If any suggestions just kindly let me know. I bought the laserbee 5W from Jerry on 2/27 2013. The meter got very good feature including datalogging and...
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    Need some suggestions for posting in B/T/S zone (Can't open the topic)

    Dear all: I know I am a newbie to everyone but I wanna sell something bought from the members here. I am not sure even I reach 20 posts will post it successful or not. Because my some posts is not useful to this forum so I am still not qualified to post in B/T/A zone. but I dunno how to...