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  1. randomer3

    FS: CNI 150, Averages 170mw, Peaks 180mw

    Ok, So I did a feeler for this laser about a month ago and it seems there is a bit of interest in it. I really need the cash at the moment and will be very sad to let it go,I bought it from Rattlehead about a year ago now and there are a few scratches on the casing but nothing major. (I'l take...
  2. randomer3

    FS/FT : 8gb Green Ipod Nano - 4th Gen

    Hey, I have a 8gb green 4th gen iPod nano which i got for my birthday earlier this year, and then two weeks later I bought myself a used iPod touch off ebay hence the iPod nano has become completly redundant and has been sitting in my drawer for a couple months. iPod is in perfect condition...
  3. randomer3

    Jumping stilts = Awesome

    Anybody else got a pair of these: I've had a couple pairs over around 3 years and love them, I know quite a few other people with them and some of these people are also into lasers so I thought there might be a link. If your wondering "WTF ARE THEY?" here is a video from last weekend when I...
  4. randomer3

    CNI 150 in Outdoor fog and some indoor pics

    I'm sure I'd posted these up but went through my past posts and can't seem to find them anywhere so i thought i'd post them up again. The pics are mostly of my CNI 150,the comparison shots are with a 30mw romisen and theres one or two of my 100mw bluray dorcy. Enjoy :D CNI 150 Outside...
  5. randomer3

    Feeler: CNI 150, Averages 170mw, Peaks 180mw

    FS: CNI 150, Averages 170mw, Peaks 180mw Wow, its been a while since i've posted on here :D Ok basically I'm going off to University next weekend and am selling some stuff to get some money. So im interested in how much this would be worth now and whether anybody may be interested in it. I...
  6. randomer3

    Outdoor Fog and Bluray

    As a follow up to my last pic thread which was my CNI 150 and fog which is here, I thought I'd do a similar thread with my new blu ray. I've decided that my camera doesn't really like taking pictures of this laser so these are the best I could get. I tried doing some funky diffraction stuff but...
  7. randomer3

    Australian and New Zealand Laser Laws?

    In 3 weeks i'm going off travelling as part of my gap year, firstly i'm spending 5 weeks in New Zealand and then spending around 5 months in Australia. Just starting to pack and put things I want/need to take into piles. What are the laser laws in Aus and NZ, Should i take my 160mw green CNI...
  8. randomer3

    DX Flashlight Help

    I'm looking at buying a new flashlight and want a really nice bright one These are the flashlights i'm currently looking at: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.15739 http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.12624 Any opinions on which one i should get would be great. :)
  9. randomer3

    Outdoor fog and CNI 150

    Tonight has to be one of the fogiest nights i've seen in a while so I thought i'd go outside and get some pics of my CNI 150 :) What do you think?
  10. randomer3

    BBC News - "Laser pens face sales crackdown"

    Interesting article about amazon and ebay being stricter on laser sales: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7651466.stm This bit made me laugh, 240mw for £20 yeah.....
  11. randomer3

    Looking for someone to repair my laser

    Hi, About a year ago when i first joined this forum I bought a 150mw red dorcy jr from Kenom, was a very nicely built laser and lasted me about 5 months, one day i turned it on and all i got was a tiny red dot like the ones you get from 1mw laser you buy at the market for £1  :'( (I assume the...
  12. randomer3

    Comparision and diffraction photos

    Here are some pics of my two new lasers: CNI 150, bought from Rattlehead Romisen L-D030, bought from Dr.Lazer Most of the diffraction gratting pics are using the CNI  :) Beam Comparision pics: Diffraction Gratting pics: This is my first real go at taking some good pics of...
  13. randomer3

    Help with my first build/rebuild

    About a year ago when i first joined this forum I bought a 150mw red dorcy jr from Kenom, was a very nicely built laser and lasted me about 5 months, one day i turned it on and all i got was a red laser like the ones you can get at the market for £1  :'( (I assume the LD died) I took it apart...
  14. randomer3

    Which cheap DX knife should I buy?

    I'm after a new cheap knife for general use but can't decide which one to get between these two. three. Please use the BOTH category for the third knife because i couldn't find out how to edit the poll DX - Foldable Manual Release Pocket Tool Knife DX - ST Manual Release Folding Steel Tool...
  15. randomer3

    Good places to find optics

    Ok, I'm after some random optics because i find them fun to play with and look at focus points and mirroring the beam etc I've heard that you can get quite a lot from old laser printers and of course you can get a variety of lenses from binoculars and telescopes. I was wondering if anybody...
  16. randomer3

    Sale/Trade: 30gb Ipod Video

    Anybody want to buy my 30gb video ipod? It's been in a case for the majority of the 8 months i've had it so its in pretty good nick A few minor scratches on the back but nothing really to speak of. Here are some pics i just took: Can ship worldwide, but buyer will have to pay for postage if...
  17. randomer3

    FS: Nova X75, Case, WL Shades and optics **SOLD**

    I need to raise money to pay for my Gap year, so unfortunatly the laser has to go along with all the random bits and bobs. I''d prefer a buyer from the UK because it makes it much easier to post and also prefer if everything went together but i doubt that would happen. For sale is: Nova X85 -...
  18. randomer3

    Nova 85 - Huge Divergence

    Ok, so I hadn't played with my laser for a good month because i've been busy with school work and have had other more important things to do. I picked it up today and the divergence is crazily big, maybe 10mrad.... Is there anything that could have caused the divergence to go crazy??? Or do i...
  19. randomer3

    Another pleased Nova customer

    As some of you know I ordered a Nova x-85 and it arrived today!!! :D Such a brilliant laser! Specs: Bought as: 85mw Real Specs: Average: 101.4mw Peak: 108.3mw The case is brilliant, i've modified it so that it fits my dragon case it in so i get double protection from impact, first nova case...
  20. randomer3

    X-105 or Lucent Envee 100?

    After being let down by WL and having sent my laser back today im now seriously looking at what my next laser should be. The first choice is the x-105 from nova with the carrycase and lightyear reward points which costs $229 + shipping charges - the 5% forum discount. Second choice is a second...