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    Wanting to trade my two nitecores for a blue burner :)))))))))))

    Hey there y’all I have my two nitecores here I’m trying to trade. There both in almost perfect condition and super bright( both 1000 lummens. The smaller one was my pocket light and I took it everywhere with me( always in the case). The other was for at home when I needed it outside. No real...
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    Selling my JL ole pro mini 300 mw greenSOLD:)

    Sad day but time to get rid of this guy. I have two and I’m selling the newer one . I’m think 80 $ I’m up for offers though. Thank you!! And I would appreciate you pay for shipping as well. Will take pay pal. Take care!
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    No response from jet lasers please help

    Hi I’m new here and I Just ordered my first green laser the mini one to be exact from jet lasers anyways I did this about a couple days ago on the 25th I believe and I have not had a response after I emailed them just to see when my order will be mailed out and I understand there probably busy...