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  1. Pman

    Phlatlight driver

    So. Its been quite awhile since I've posted as my interests have turned to drone stuff. However I've always wanted to build a powerful Phlatlight and have some sitting around and one in particular that I "need" to do something with. I already have a 5A green phlatlight maglight build that is a...
  2. Pman

    503nm build with many pics.

    Until about a month ago I was away for quite some time. Apparently some members were wondering what was up and out of nowhere I received a call from my friend Jeff (Bow) and here I am:) Also out of nowhere I was shocked at Paul's offering up a 503nm diode and I graciously took him up on it. I...
  3. Pman

    Tax questions

    So, I have a tax question and figured just maybe others might also AND just maybe someone would know the answers. Here's mine: I already know I meet the requirements to claim my son as a dependent under the relatives part. I am however confused about the insurance thing as far as it asking...
  4. Pman

    Superglue trick

    So, I was watching stuff on YouTube testing things like what epoxy and duct tape are the best with some really great scientific ways to tell and happened to come across something I've never heard of. Using regular old superglue in a different cool way. All you do is apply superglue to whatever...
  5. Pman

    small switches on drivers

    So, does anyone have any idea how much those small switches you see on drivers such as basically any pen out there can handle? I have never blown one regardless of output in my pen build although this time I'm building a special unit for someone that uses a 3W 445nm (whatever number it is)...
  6. Pman

    Lots of sites are down today

    See this report: Half the internet is down today: Here's (probably) why Here's a list of some major players that are down or have been impacted: Twitter Reddit Spotify Esty Iheart.com (iHeartRadio) Github PayPal Wired.com People.com Urbandictionary.com Pinterest Grubhub Starbucks rewards/gift...
  7. Pman

    6/4/17 bunch of lasers:)

    As a reminder all come with their batteries and USPS priority mail is part of the asking price. The numbers you see on the labels are the peak outputs I have measured. Paypal friends/family Updated pic of what is left:2X BX is SOLD WHAT'S LEFT AT THE MOMENT IS THE 101mW 405nm and the 200...
  8. Pman

    Sanwu saber attachment

    Wasn't sure where to put it so here we are. I had noticed the saber attachment on their site before and since I was ordering a couple of their lenses, and a beam expander with adapters I figured why not check out this $10 attachment and see what's what. That other stuff should be here soon as...
  9. Pman

    Harbor Freight bug zapper

    Anyone ever mess with one of those hand held bug zappers from Harbor Freight as in mod one or take it apart and make it stronger or anything? Got another one free yesterday and I keep thinking about at least trying more voltage although it does zap bugs pretty good. It's this: Electronic Fly...
  10. Pman

    Pman's NUBM44 build plus comparison shots

    So, I had put off building a 44 because I already have so many blues in that wavelength and was hoping that a 10W diode would appear. Had one last MX900 with sink and enough $ in my paypal to cover the cost so I gave in as I also haven't seen or heard talk of any hotter diodes yet. Here's...
  11. Pman

    This place is awesome!

    Got tired of seeing that "other" post about the cat;) :angel:
  12. Pman

    5W 07E 471nm? build

    So here's another 07E build that I put together that I will include some simple build steps for that are not in depth. Here's the SXD-V3 driver heat sinked with a thick chunk of copper. The actual Arctic Alumina adhesive is very thin between the 5A driver and the sink but there's extra to...
  13. Pman

    Rainbow by Pman

    Here's the last of all the pics I took. Hopefully this will show the major differences in my collection. I could have made it really complicated but as it is there are multiples of the same general color so it's not going to look like a simple rainbow. I might add a simpler rainbow as it...
  14. Pman


    Here's the yellow shots to go with my wavelength pics. Unfortunately there's only one but they are still nice. Spartan 82mW peak: Will be posting rainbow pics in about 10 minutes in a separate thread in this section:)
  15. Pman

    Got red?

    So here's all the red from 635nm-685nm:) Starting with 635-638nm there are only 4 with constant on. There's at least another 4 with momentary buttons. These are all class 4: I added a 650nm in the middle to show the difference: Next up we have 650-660nm all are 200-400mW...
  16. Pman

    Pete's favorite color is green:)

    Here's the shots of all my 510-520nm greens other than ones that only have a momentary switch. You can see the the 405nm here: http://laserpointerforums.com/f38/petes-sake-s-lot-purple-pete-98331.html and the 445-473nm+ here...
  17. Pman

    Pet's got the blues

    So to go along with what I set out to do (see the 405nm thread I posted today here: http://laserpointerforums.com/f38/petes-sake-s-lot-purple-pete-98331.html#post1438416 I'm now going to add the 445nm-473nm+ stuff. Again I am only showing those that have a constant on as there are many more...
  18. Pman

    For Petes sake that's a lot of purple Pete!

    So I am going to go through all of my lasers and post Petes pics (sorry can't help myself) of the different wavelengths we have to show the differences between how the wavelength/color can be different even though they are rated on average at a certain nm. There's lots of reasons why the color...
  19. Pman

    PLT5 510 pen build

    Since Jordan had added a new diode that was rated at 510nm I figured it was time to put one together and compare to a freak 515nm diode I had received from the long suffering Eitan GB that has a definite blue tint to it. Parts include the Home Depot 2 AAA pen light that I and a couple others...