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  1. J

    Unknown Red diode

    So the designs of this diode is strange to me. I would like to use it but since it is not standard design I am lost. Any advice?
  2. J

    Why is green expensive?

    Hey guys excuse my ignorance here, I am shopping for a new laser. I have a DIY 405nm, and I will probably end up getting a 450nm from the laser pointer store. But while browsing online and seeing the prices for high powered 520nm it just got me thinking why? Why is green so much more expensive...
  3. J

    Sourcing new host

    Hey guys been a while since I’ve been on. I was given a host by a nice gentleman on these forums. Well it has failed specifically the button. Anyway I am wanting to get something a bit nicer. But am unsure where to look these days to get what I’m After. Please excuse me if my terminology is...
  4. J


    Can you use these as current regulator or do they only work as voltage regulators? The reason i ask is because i came across about 100 of them brand new. Thanks guys
  5. J

    501b s06j

    Special thanks goes to Lifetime17 for giving me a host and DTR for the Diode Pill Driver, lens combo 12X S06J 405nm Copper Module W/Driver & Three Element Glass Lens is what I got from DTR. I just got the host in the mail and working on getting it all put together while I work. Would like some...
  6. J

    I think I have everything?!

    So at this point I have two bare diodes. One is a red from a dvd-rw and the other is blue from a blu-ray burner. I have put together a list of parts to order and just wanted to know if you guys would look over it and let me know if what I am getting is sufficient. Diode Mount Lens for the blue...
  7. J

    The difference in diodes.

    So I had some dvd burner drives that have a class 3b laser sticker on them. The motors are out in them so I decided to crack one open. This is the diode that was in it. Why does it look so different than all the ones you see on this site. Is it possible to use this diode? Why does it have four...
  8. J

    TO build or to BUY?

    So I am wanting an ~1 watt blue 450nm. I can not figure out if I should buy the stuff to build one or just buy one. If I'm correct I will need the constant current driver board, 1 watt diode, a housing for the diode, and then a sled. Those are the main things at last that are coming to my head...
  9. J

    30mw Green from laser light show box

    So I was able to harvest a good green laser from this box. The 100mw red was bad. Anyway I would like to build this laser into a homebrew pointer. I have some prebuilt dc-dc converters that work nice and can power this little guy just fine. The issue here is it is in a square heatsink and it...