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    Lasever looking for distributors

    [To admin: If it's not suitable to post here, please help to delete this thread.] Hello guys Pay attention we are now talking about two kind of products. 1) Laser modules with driver and power supply 2) Laser modules without housing for handheld We are thinking of...

    FS: Lasever 473nm 50mW Laser handheld

    A new 473nm 50mW blue handheld Some customer ordered and now he want to cxl the order due to lack of money:( We made a test and it can get a 60mW output power Any one would like it? Only usd350 plus shipping if you are in USA or Western Euro~:na: :thanks:

    Rather confused about laser pointer

    Some Germany customers came to ask for our laser pointer and told us your price is expensive they believe there are 532nm 500mW for $30... how should I explain... it's so complicated for the prices in the market

    Funny ^_^

    It happens today that sometimes I can't open the page of LPF So I asked my friend to try this url He did, and it's ok to him Then, after that, I can open the page, too... It happened three times Interesting.....:eg:

    Is the law so strict now?

    See below and I want to know if the transportation of lasers in Australia and America is so strictly limited?

    Lasever offers good laser here

    Sorry, admin I am not sure if it's ok to post here. But we can supply really good quality lasers and the px is cheap. Is there any chance to let me stay here? This is a laser company from China, Ningbo Port. Anything u want to ask, pls go ahead. Thank u, guys:na:

    Hello! Guys! Lasever is back

    Laser modules for laser show. Anything u like, pls contact me and I will satisfy u!