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  1. Tassie

    The Best.

    The best after sales service i have come across is from Sanwu lasers! a few months ago i bought the Spiker laser from them it was the variable power one with strobe and sos and after a while i found out that i would have preferred the single mode one so i emailed Francis from Sanwu and asked...
  2. Tassie

    Where can I get an aluminum carrying case for my laser? (Details inside)

    Go to ebay and look up watch cases..[/URL][/IMG]
  3. Tassie

    Sanwu Spiker review

    Both! one end screws into the Spiker and the other into the expander..
  4. Tassie

    Sanwu Spiker review

    Skans they will send it to you without payment plus you will get 5 pattern caps with it, yes Sanwu give great service.. cheers Tassie
  5. Tassie

    Sanwu Spiker review

    Well my Spiker adapter arrived today and yes i was right you can narrow the beam to a small dot and impressively will burn cardboard at 35 feet. WOW is all i can say,well done Sanwu you have a very well made and powerful laser there. I can honestly recommend Sanwu and the Spiker to anyone...
  6. Tassie

    Sanwu Spiker review

    Without the adapter you have to focus all the way out to screw it into the Spiker so you cant focus all the way back in which means you will have the wide beam, please correct me if i am wrong but i think that is the problem i will know for sure when my adapter arrives and i can then see the...
  7. Tassie

    Sanwu Spiker review

    Skans did you mention that the beam expander was for the Spiker ? If you didn't you will get it without the adapter and then it will not adjust,i have done that with mine and now awaiting the adapter to arrive ,then it should narrow the beam... Cheers Tassie
  8. Tassie

    Sanwu Spiker review

    Geez some of you guys pick on some piddly little things to complain about ,Skans good review ,write up call it what you like but he did a good job on it,well done mate... Tassie
  9. Tassie

    Sanwu Spiker

    Received my Sanwu Spiker laser yesterday was pleasantly surprised at how good it was finished,man this thing is solid you sure know it when you are holding it in your hand. All the other things previous members have said about it are all true, burning power? i have put a cardboard carton at...
  10. Tassie

    What are the best science fiction movies?

    Stargate the movie and all of the series, War of the worlds, the Time machine
  11. Tassie

    PLTB450B Build 3 of 3 lasers (very pic heavy).

    Thank you Alan for a great detailed explanation on how to build a laser,never knew it would be so easy. Cheers Tassie
  12. Tassie

    Thor MII EBay Laser

    I have the Thor 2 ,no problems with it,well built burns well, cant fault it .. bough another one for a friend,he loves it also.
  13. Tassie

    Sanwu Lasers

    Sanwu Lasers! WOW what fantastic service you get from them bought The Spiker laser from them 5 days ago and being like a 7 year old waiting for his Christmas Prezzi had to find out how it was going, Been corresponding with Francis and he must be a top guy for putting up with me asked him how it...
  14. Tassie

    Ebay "1 Watt"

    I just bought the Thor laser the other day how do you tell if its the one with the glass lens .. Thanks Tassie
  15. Tassie

    Isaac Clarke

    Isaac Clarke has an account.
  16. Tassie

    laser glasses

    Having just bought a 450nm 1mw output blue laser i looked in ebay for a pair of protective glasses and bought the first pair of red glasses for $8 dollars i came across,now i'm wondering if these cheap glasses are OK or do i need to buy a specific pair for this laser? Thanks for any...
  17. Tassie

    Hi from Australia

    Thanks guys for the welcome, badboybilly i'm in bloody hot Western Australia and no we are not talking about the same one.. Cheers Tassie
  18. Tassie

    Hi from Australia

    Hi everyone, i'm Tassie from Australia i have just joined because i have bought the Thor 11 laser,bit pricey but well worth the money this baby will light a match at 4ft impressive bit of kit. Joining this forum will answer a lot of questions that will eventually come up and as i can see from my...