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  1. PBK

    Question for moderators

    Hey, i have a question for the moderators. I recently listed an item for sale and the moderator has not approved my post. I waited until I had the required minimum number of posts and listed the item in the correct format. What am I doing wrong. It is an item that I purchased from a member...
  2. PBK

    SOLD 1W 445 in C6 host $115

    I am selling my 1watt 445 blue laser C6 Host 3 element glass lens Comes with 2 ultrafire 19350 batteries and charger Duty cycle is 60 sec on - 60 sec off Was tested at 1041mw by justinjja I purchased this laser from justinjja back in May and have had a lot of fun with it. Just need the money...
  3. PBK

    Excellent transaction with justinjja

    I just received my laser today from justinjja. Everything arrived as described and I am very pleased with my purchase. The transaction went perfect, and the package was shipped out the same day payment was made. In fact, I had a tracking number within 30 minutes! Thank You!
  4. PBK


    OK, I need some opinions. 5 days ago I placed an order on lazerpoint.com for this item. I paid extra for the 3-6 day shipping but the item has still not shipped after 5 days. Their live 24 hour chat is never available and so far 3 emails over 2 days have not been answered even though they claim...
  5. PBK


    Hello! I have been browsing the forums for a couple of weeks now and just decided to join. Great site with lots of info.