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  1. Zom-B

    "The issue with green laser pointers"

    Anyone know Brainiac75? I did't know this youtuber was that deep into lasers. He made a good video explaining why cheap green DPSS lasers all emit harmful IR light and does several tests.
  2. Zom-B

    Where are my Quick Reply messages?

    Where can I see messages I sent with 'Quick Reply'? I know when you press the Reply button there's a checkbox to save the message to the sent Items box or not, but with quick reply there's no such option. So I can only assume they get stored because there's not the option to not store it. 1. So...
  3. Zom-B

    What happened to 660nm?

    Does anyone know happened to our beloved 660nm? I'm looking to restock these diodes but DTR doesn't have them anymore, and I've searched here for a bit and can't find any mention of 660nm in 1.5 year! (though to be fair, can't search for "660 nm" with space because of forum limitations). All I...
  4. Zom-B

    Cryptic laser build

    Dual head 512/525nm More info coming soon
  5. Zom-B

    Bad Luck Laser

    It seems my semi-ghetto peltier-cooled handheld lab device has been nothing but bad luck. Bad luck lens (getting refunded because of optical aberrations) Bad luck switch Bad luck batteries (they discharge in 30 seconds and get quite warm, because I overloaded them 2.3 times over: 3.1A where...
  6. Zom-B

    editing typos after post marks it edited

    Can there be a delay on when a post will be marked edited? When I post something, I often see typos, but when I edit even 1 character less than 10 seconds after posting, it still flags as edited. I've seen on other forums that there is a window of approx 2 minutes for editing, without your...
  7. Zom-B

    semi-ghetto peltier-cooled handheld lab device

    Here's my latest build, my first 445nm. It starts out with the idea of peltier-cooling it because I heard it becomes really hot at full power. I looked around my workshop for something that could hold an Aixiz to a peltier and found a plate with a convenient looking springly clip, and I found a...
  8. Zom-B

    WTB bare(or sled) REDs 5.6mm >240mW ($15) [found]

    I just ran out of my supply of 20x diodes, so I'm looking for replacements. (latest died after at least 20 hours by way of shining in a reflective surface.) I haven't been in the scene for a few years, and I find out the age of $15 Long open cans is long gone. Wat are the popular replacements...
  9. Zom-B

    laser lighter - someone needs to bash this

    I found this post of a working yet dangerous laser lighter on gizmodo. Besides the ridiculous risk of this build, kipkay gets praised here. I just can't stand this! Someone needs to do a good word against him and show how 'modders extraordinaire' are actually found on these kinds of forums, not...
  10. Zom-B

    This is sooo wrong (posible eydamage involved)

    Gizmodo - Bono Gets Laser Jacket, Public Probably Gets Eye Damage - Bono Look at the video and see the occasional laser flashes. From the beams you'd almost think they are 5mW or more, but the flashes look kinda weak.
  11. Zom-B

    Laser sights for camera

    I made a cool laser sight for my new dSLR camera (although you can use it with any camera with a tripod mount) I used a small tripod that I'm not using anymore, removed the legs and attached a mount for laser pens. The result is stunning. No matter how long the shutter speed is, the...
  12. Zom-B

    Beamshots of my current collection

    Lasers: R 228mW LAB R 214mW Leadlight G 40mW DX V 140mW XTreem V 151mW MXDL V 121mW MXDL LAB (the R 214mW was off by accident in all photos except the last) For the lasers themselves, see the Re: My laser collection - Show yours thread It seems the red, even if it is just one, is...
  13. Zom-B

    Happy new year photos

    Happy new year!! (2009 already?! *mumble*) I photographed some fireworks while getting used to my brand new Nikon D90 camera with 18-105G VR lens (@ manual focus). Sorry for the blurriness in some. The shutter speed is either 1s or 2s in all photos (manually chosen) at ISO 500. Aperture...
  14. Zom-B

    Tutorial of a subject I know nothing about

    Step 1: Take yer regular 'ol tape. Step 2: Find t3h polarizors I also have a polarized glasses, which I'll use from now on for convenience. The direction of the polarization of the glasses is right and up. The direction of the polarization of all the other small ones is diagonal, they all...
  15. Zom-B

    Price of argon

    What would be a reasonable price to pay for a 4W Agron laser with 476nm, 488nm and 514nm lines and a Polychromatic Acoustic-Optical Modulator with selectable 528/496nm output line, and individual analog control for the three other wavelengths?
  16. Zom-B

    Small PHR presentation pointer

    I made a small presentation pointer because I did not have anything handy at hand except boring red DX pointers. I don't see myself using a 100+mW MXDL during class either. The diode is powered by 5 button cells, without driver or resistor. I measured the internal resistance of the 5 batteries...
  17. Zom-B

    beam shot of 300mW magenta setup

    I was aiming my violet and red lasers through a polarized beamsplitter/combiner to make the beams coincident for an unrelated experiment. While I was at it I thought, why not take some magenta beam shots at maximum power? I tried, but as always, my camera is hyperactive for near-UV and the shots...
  18. Zom-B

    Beamshots of <0.1mW violet

    Tonight I was playing with my adjustable PHR. I tried to project the image of the chip on the other side of the room, so I set the power to really weak. I was surprised that I could still see the beam with my bare eyes! (and luckily with the camera too). I tried to measure the power, but the...
  19. Zom-B

    Tutorial for beginners?

    An acquaintance saw my laser builds and wants to build a laser for himself (to be precise, something to be mounted in a large machine to harden UV-activated glue). He asked me for a link to a website explaining how I build mine. I said, mine is just one of many ways of doing it, and you'll...
  20. Zom-B

    full-featured double lab driver

    I made a lab driver using the precision voltage to current converter I previously showed in this thread and which is remarkably similar to the author's. It is designed with the following features: On/off switch Safety key switch with 8 seconds delay between safety switch turn on and laser power...