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    Best safe green laser

    Hello everyone, im looking into getting back into laser again since i finally understand what they are capable of and im wondering what the best safe green laser is. I know that violet and blue are a lot safer becasue of the IR produced from 532nm lasers but its hard to find a good 5mw...
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    Lasersman is an AMAZING company

    I just wanted to say that lasersman is an amazing company so far they have responded to all my e-mails with in a day and they are very polite and happy to work with you no mater what the situation. I recently convinced my cousin to buy a FireDragon-III 300mw from them and it peaked at 678mw!!! i...
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    LasersMan Odd Pricing

    Ok so i had a question about the firedragon III from lasersman the 200mw version is $163.29 but the 250mw version is $157.89 could someone please help me here understand this and here are the links. 250mw: Firedragon-III 250mw 532nm Flashlight Style Handheld Green Laser Pointer Kit (Certified...
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    is Laser Pointers: Green Laser Pointer & Laser Pointer Pen Sale, 10% OFF a good company to buy from?
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    Safety Question

    OK so i have a firedragon 200mw and the eagleapair laser goggles but i was wondering if i need to wear goggles for just pointing in the sky? i have look around and i keep seeing 2 different answers
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    Does This Look Legit?

    like the title says does this look legit Firedragon-III 250mw 532nm Flashlight Style Handheld Green Laser Pointer Kit (Certified Power Guaranteed)
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    Adjustable Focus Or Not

    so was planing on getting a LZCB - 532nm 100mW Focusable Green Laser Pointer but i really not to sure about the Adjustable Focus part. i guess im still don't know what is better for just pointing around the street at night and possibly doing some tricks like match lighting. my question is is it...
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    WickedLasers E2 75mw VS. Dragon lasers Viper Series 75mW

    which is better overall of distance, output, divergence ect. the WickedLasers E2 75mw or the Dragon lasers Viper Series 75mW i plan on getting one of the two and i cant decide i would appreciate it if i could get some input