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    Question about a nova X-100

    I was wondering if it was possible with age for a Nova x-100 to start gaining power. I bought mine Dec 31 2007 and have used it a great deal over the years. When I first received it the output was 135 peak 119 average. I confirmed those numbers on my kenometer last year. I just tested it today...
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    Laser Meet Toronto area

    Having a little get together Monday May 19 at around 7:30-8:00pm. We will be inside a large vacant warehouse so any laser toys are welcome. Here is a map for the location http://www.mapquest.ca/maps/5101+Orbiter+Mississauga+ON/. Anybody Interested give me a PM. This is a chance to try out laser...
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    S-KY 808nM 1W

    Well my S-ky IR was delivered today. Very impressed with the build quality very solid and very heavy. It has the full works as far as safety features. Front shutter, LED indicator, key switch and dead man dongle on the bottom. It runs on one 18650 battery that is not supplied but very easy to...
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    Nova X-100 review

    Ok so this is a review of my first non DX Laser. I figured it was time I bought a real laser. As most people have come to expect from Nova the shipping was fast. Ordered on Dec 27 at night received Dec 31 3pm. I was a little worried at first as the X-105 is no longer around I thought these...
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    Nova X-105 question

    So I am going to take the plunge and get a real laser next week. No more DX cheapies. I am leaning toward the X-105 and lens holder as it seems to get a lot of good reviews. So my question is what would be a good lens to get with this for neat effects?
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    Lit a Cigarette

    Well dont know if this was done before but i managed to lite my cigarette with my DIY burner laser. Only took a few seconds as well
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    Laser Test

    Anybody near the Toronto area that could help me test my DIY red ? I would just like to find out how much this thing is putting out Thanks for any help
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    DX True 50

    Well I got mine today after 2 weeks of waiting not too bad. Should have read a little more and gotten the dx 30 but hey live and learn I got the DX 50 as an intro to Green for me. Just a few things about this one as I am sure they vary a great deal. Nice box heavy foam insert to prevent...
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    Made my first Burner with pics

    I would like to say Thanks to Deadel for the wonderfull tut on how to build a LD driver. I had an interesting time trying to get it all to fit into the only flashlight host i could get till my DX orders arrive. It was made to run off 3 AAA and drove a 1watt lux star. Had to cut and file a board...
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    New at DX 5v 70 mw red with driver board

    Well this just got added to DX looks like a very over complicated board www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.9865 Sorry didnt see it was already posted in Deals and Discounts