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    Australian laserist?!

    Hi Guys, Been awhile since i have been on this forum. Just wanting to see how the laser community in Australia is going? Are you still collecting lasers? I still have all my collection from 2010+ and kept them all in prestige condition! i have considered selling them but if i am honest i...

    Wicked Lasers "700mW" Artic Down under (Aussie) review

    Hi everyone, Just a quick short review of my new laser i ordered from wicked lasers while the 40% sale was current. I ordered my laser on the 26th of November 2014 the order did take multiple weeks to process or even be sent out. I got my laser on the 14th of January 2014. No tracking number...

    Wicked Lasers 50mW Evo 532nm Australian review

    Hello guys, I have recently ordered a 50mW green laser from wicked lasers. Took an average of 3 weeks to get here including recent public holidays. This laser is a beautiful laser. The host feels strong and sturdy and is solid built. Comes with a nice carry case alongside with a hand rope...

    Hulk ultra 200mW Australian review

    Hulk Ultra 200mW I first placed my order on the 23rd with dragon lasers for a hulk ultra 200mW, It cost about $220 shipped express to aussie. took about 4 days to to get to me. The first time i opened and used this laser pointer i was amazed by the quality of the laser and the build of it...

    [WTB] 18650 with charger (australia

    Hey guys Im needing to buy a 18650 to power my new hulk ultra. I will need a charger along with it. Im looking to pay up to $30 with express shipping to Perth. thanks!

    tell me this is a joke

    Wicked Laser S3 Krypton Green 1000 Collectible Edition | eBay nearly 4 thousand dollars for a laser. LOL

    Wicked Lasers Core 5mW & Dragon lasers 15mW viper. AUSTRALIAN REVIEW!

    Hey guys so i recently ordered two serperate lasers. - Wicked Lasers 5mW core 532nm - Dragon Lasers Viper 15mW 532nm Shipping Wicked lasers, Took 3 days to post the laser. Tracking number failed to be found on website provided by wicked lasers. Was fixed very quickly. Took 2-3 weeks to...

    Refusing to sell.

    I work in a electronic store here in Australia. We sell little 1mW Red lasers which seem to output little more then 1mw. Every time kids come in by them self and want to purchase laser pointers i just refuse and say we don't have then in stock. We had the lasers on a shelf that was displayed...

    Aussie custom video.

    During this video i saw a WL artic. can you spot it? haha.
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    Current 1W 445nm

    Hey guys just posting some pictures of my laser. Would of gone outside and took some beam shots but it was raining so indoor it was. With safety glasses ofc! More coming soon
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    What shipping company does Wicked lasers use to post to australia?

    What shipping company does Wicked lasers use to post to australia? Cheers.
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    [BUYING]Australia Wicked Lasers Artic - Australia

    Hey guys, Looking to pickup a Wicket Lasers Artic. Looking to pay around $150+ Make me an offer in you have one.
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    High Power 1000mW For sale in AUSTRALIA PERTH!!!!!

    Hey guys up for grabs is, 1,000mW 445nm Blue Laser Pointer Rifle Host. This laser was custom built by a forum member. I have not been using this laser pointer enough and it needs to go to a good home! Also included in the sale is, 1mW Violet Laser pointer. ( Postage & Price will be...
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    **REVIEW** 1w 445nm From Adrian (Bobhaha)

    Hey guys! about a month ago i asked bobhaha if he could build a 1w 445nm for me. He had one host in stock that was suitable the host is a Rifle Host. The total was $170. Soon as he got the payment he placed a order for the parts. Soon as he got them the laser was built a few hours later...
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    Sith is back

    The World's First Dual Bladed Laser | The Sith Series Thoughts? If its been posted delete please lol.
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    Delete thread cheers.

    Delete please
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    [WANTED] Australian Seller

    Hey just wondering anyone in australia selling some lasers ? Perhaps 445nm? Cheers, If you could inbox me or post here.
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    Review 200mw from Lazy Laser ( Possible ghost in one picture O.o? )

    Alrighty, I purchased this laser a week ago came in the mail just today. This laser is a 200mw SDLaser 303.. I doubt this laser is outputting 200mw. Pics, WTF is with this shadow :O Pro's - Key lock feature - Host fits 2 kind of batteries - Very bright even in a lit room - Starcap...
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    Post Pictures|Videos | of stupid people with laser pointers.

    I'm creating this thread to help people who are confused what not to do with a laser pointer and what a moron you look like if you do!. Ill start, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JcbTgS0d20 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA1dGd93yvw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNTlTdlHHbk...
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    Australia morons shining lasers at jets.

    Sydney flights targeted by lasers | Sydney Airport What a fucking moron