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    Need help choosing 532 laser

    I want to add a nice DPSS green to my collection but I'm having trouble deciding between the 200mW PL-532 from Laserbtb and one of these two 400mW 532s from o-like: 5 in 1 sky star High power 400mW Green laser torch/focusable [OL-G400-S] - $145.00 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce Cool Special...
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    Good host for 200mw ebay laser module w/ driver?

    I want to buy a 200mw 532 laser module from ebay. I just need to know a suitable host that the module fits in correctly, preferrably using a single 16340 battery. Thanks :)
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    16x or 20x laser diode emitter size?

    Does anyone have any info on the common emitter size of a 16x or 20x red laser diode? Just curious to know the actual size of the glass window of one of these lasers. thanks :)
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    56mm m140 diode?

    Would it be possible to engineer an exact 10x scale m140 or other laser diode and have it still be a real laser diode? ie still emit coherent laser light at 445nm. I was thinking about how most laser diodes are either 3.8 or 5.6mm and if it would be possible to make one much larger. It would...
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    Lazerer shipping

    Hey guys I was wondering what the average shipping time will be for the regular $5 shipping compared to the $20 ems shipping and if it is worth it? If its going to be more than 2 weeks for the regular shipping then I will try the ems and see how that turns out.
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    1w blue laser help

    wrong thread delete
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    I could never find an awnser for this anywhere lol but how much mAs does two alkaline AA batteries produce at full charge? Ive been trying to find an awnser but never could.
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    Stonetek cant ship to area?

    I was trying to buy a diode off of stonetek and when I went to the Delivery Information page it said: "Not Available At This Time Sorry, we are not shipping to your region at this time. Please contact us for alternate arrangements." I tried this with a different location that was pretty far...
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    Sony SLD1236VL minimag

    I ordered a Sony SLD1236VL 16x laser from stonetek a few days ago and I installed it in a mini mag flash light. There was about 2.5-3 volts going to it and it works ok but it cant light a match coloured black and it can barely burn through a black garbage bag. I would guess it is around 20-30...