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    Laserbtb PL532F-300B 532nm ~ 300mW handheld Laser and Noir LaserShields DBY goggles

    Hello LPF-Members, i have a nice PL532F-300B 532nm ~ 300mW handheld laser from laserbtb for sale. The laser offers much power and it’s most likely overspec. It also has a very high build quality. As you probably know, the manufacturer laserbtb has stopped production and sale of laserpointers...
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    Green laser dot/beam pictures

    Hello, I would like to know how you guys are taking pictures especially of a high powered green laser dot and/or beam. Because I‘ve got some advice from other members that they don’t buy lasers without seeing a pic of the dot or beam of a laser. I will be very thankful for any advice. Cheers...
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    Access to start a new thread for Buy & Sell Topic

    Hello, i wanted to sell my laserpointer in the buy and sell thread. But I Need at least 20 Posts. So I am registered since 2014 and not a very active user. And I really don't want to give this thing into wrong hands. So is there a possibility to get an excuse or another solution because I...
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    High quality Green Laserpointer up to ~300mW

    Hello everybody I want to buy a high quality green laserpointer with 150-300mW of power. I have 4 laserpointers from different companies in my selection: Laserglow Aries-150 ~190mW WickedLasers EVO ~100mW Optotronics Opto300-Portable ~300mW Rayfoss RF532-150mW-B03 ~150mW Which one should I...