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    Swansu lasers a little help please

    Hi all I'm looking for a little advice. I brought a laser from swansu lasers and in extremely happy with the service and product although recently my laser went faulty. After having emailed swansu we arranged for my return of the "heatsink" and I shipped back to him. Tracking shows it's left...
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    Looking for a violet laser

    Hi I'm looking for a violet high power laser, that can burn matches with speed and also small bits of rubber ect. Would appreciate item to be shipped fast to the UK if possible. I understand somtimes battery's won't come through customs so will buy just laser if nessasery !! Show me what you...
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    Hello from United Kingdom!!

    Hi everyone! Just thought I'd let everyone know, I'm looking for a new laser. Still learning, not quite sure on a few things but I'm a serious buyer :).