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    Please check my laser pointer summary - did I get it all right?

    Hello all! I am writing a small section about laser pointers for my UFO sightings handbook. Would anyone like to review it to make sure I have done my research correctly? Here is the text: Laser Pointers Laser Pointers are really useful to point out where a flash bulb just was to the...
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    Passionate about UFOs

    Hello all! I am a UFO nut who has been looking up to the skies for the last 4 years. I got my first laser last year which really helps our UFO sky watching group orient ourselves to the sky and point out where we just saw a "flashbulb," which is a flash of light in the sky like a camera has...
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    Reputable Companies that test optical output betwen 3mW and 5mW

    Hello! I am looking for reputable companies that test for optimal output to ensure astronomy laser pointers (532nm) are between 3mW and 5mW (or ideally 4mW and 5mW). Does anyone know of companies that do testing on laserpointers after they have been manufactured? Or that would do the testing...