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    Exchange student - USA

    So hello all, i might me be new to most of you, as i haven't put in many posts or threads, but i've been reading a whole lot on this site... :-) But, i'm going as an exchange student to the United States Of America on Thursday, where i will live in a small city in Nebraska. I would love to...
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    OXLasers 200mW Green Laser Review

    So, i decided to order from OXLasers, a new Chinese manufacturer of handheld laserpointers, selling 532nm, 650nm, 450 nm and 405nm lasers. I decided to try them out, and order a 200mw Green laser costing 65$, and a 200mw Red laser costing 45$. The 2 lasers were shipped the next day with EMS...
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    OXLasers 200mW Green Laser Review

    Just delete this thread! I found out there was a section called reviews - SORRY!
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    OXLasers China?

    Hello, First i would start of saying hello to all of you, im new on the forum, but have for a few weeks been looking and reading a lot here on the site! But a few days ago, i fell over this site called Blue, Red, Green Laser Pointer, Powerful Lasers - OXlasers China when searching for...