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    Badboybilly Does It Again

    Hi all, I just wanted to take a moment and post some pictures of the professionally constructed new blue laser I received from Badboybilly. I've owned several powerful lasers before including a green 1W which he had made for me previously but as with any addiction, you just have to keep upping...
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    Question on safety glasses

    Hi all, just have a quick question as to whether my existing glasses are adequate. I commissioned a custom 7W blue laser which should be arriving shortly. I currently have the Eagle OD4 glasses, are they up to the job or do I need to buy some with a higher rating? Thanks!
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    Hello from Northern California

    Hello all, seems I jumped the gun by going straight to conversations without first making a proper introduction. My name's Cory and I live in Isleton CA, I can't blame anyone who's never heard of it since I've literally met people who reside 20 miles away who don't know where it is. I've...
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    Did I possibly damage my laser?

    I have a Dragon Lasers Spartan 1W blue which I bought several years ago and rarely use because I have since upgraded to better ones. The other day I went to use it and absentmindedly forgot about the little safety plug that screws into the hole where the beam is emitted. I clicked the activation...