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    Sold! 520nm 120mw green sanwu pocket laser lightly used.

    I have a very lightly used sanwu pocket laser. it is a 520nm green laser at 120mw. I paid $125 for it plus $8-10$ for two 10 440 batteries. I am selling this for $80. This is in excellent condition. Shipping included and batteries included. United States Only. Can't check this forum much so if...
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    laserpointerstore or olike

    Hi all I have a budget of $70 max for a 100mw green laser that has constant on and runs on either 16340 or preferably an 18650. i was looking at these 2 stores based on what i have read here on the forum. it seemed like after looking at a few of the stickies that o like might be the better...
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    Hello from Tennesse

    Hi all I am a father of four, teacher and amatuer astronomer. I am just barely getting started with the night sky. I had bought a cheap laser (not knowing anything about lasers) and switched it over to another host for my telescope. I didn't do the best job and i realized i needed a better and...