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    780nm Ir laser in daylight detection

    IR is my prefered, as having a visible light can create bad habits by too much reliance in walking a shot in, as opposed to correct aim and trigger control.
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    780nm Ir laser in daylight detection

    Sorry for the long delay. I want to stick an IR into a replica so I can do fast draw practice. I can easily make a red dot version that I can use inside my garage and run it with one of those shooting apps, but I'd rather use something outside instead of being stuck indoors during summer. My...
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    780nm Ir laser in daylight detection

    Howdy All. Newby here. Does anyone here have any experience in detecting the dot of a 780nm IR laser in daylight when it hits a flat surface, without also getting daylight interefence. Could a camera module or some sort of optical sensor positioned just in front and facing upwards (or even...