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    Some Beam Shots of my Spartan 447nm

    These 'pointers' or handhelds are rarely perfectly on axis and if they don't rotate off axis as above when just turning, they will do so when you rotate a focus lens. If you plan on using it as a aiming device, you're going to need X/Y axis adjustments to put the beam on your POA/I...
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    SolarForce L2P 445 Maxed - The Blue Blaster...

    Also note, I believe Jayrob is offering this with a focus knob that protrudes from the face as an option for those that desire to have a readily accessible focus. I can't say I am familiar with all the DX hosts and the such, but I can say this L2P host is absolutely top notch - way beyond the...
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    SolarForce L2P 445 Maxed - The Blue Blaster...

    In fact, I might use some thread lock on mine... I do not want it to move... I've focused it to about 75 yds.. lock it down and leave it be. The stainless bezel looks nice with the bare aluminium focus ring. I anodized my focus ring black to match the rest of the build... both look nice and...
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    SolarForce L2P 445 Maxed - The Blue Blaster...

    Nice Laser Jayrob! I like the position of the focus knob! Kinda recessed a bit. :)
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    FS: SolarForce L2P Kit! - 18650 Host With Massive Heatsink...

    Thanks Jayrob. Looks Awesome!
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    Received. Nice F&%!ING Laser.... Superb workmanship.
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    Re: FS: 800mW - 445nm - Kryton Groove Sold. Sending PM Now.