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    Current and Voltage need to Drive DVD Laser Diodes

    see reply above + read some more on power supplies..a charger that says 350mA does not what you now think it does.. spikes etc...
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    HighTechDealZ Cyber Monday 50% off everything

    Just placed my order ;)
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    HighTechDealZ Cyber Monday 50% off everything

    great promo, thanx!
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    My DIY Laser CNC build...

    *subscribed* congratz on ur build so far (I just finished my small CNC with one sled and one mini stepper from a 1985 HDD drive :) ) I'm finetuning the settings and software now (gbrl through arduino).
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    Laser Gatling prototype

    wow.. stunning.. ;)
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    Greetings from the Netherlands!

    welkom to the forum (ik kom uit België 'bij de weg';) ) for the other members, I wrote in Dutch: "I'm from Belgium by the way"
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    Interested in a RGB Laser

    perhaps you should ask the seller what he means with certain definitions/descriptions..
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    Laser controller system.

    Euh.. small error.. you bridge your TEC by the two metal screws allowing heat to flow from your (hot) output side to your cooling side.... => use non heat conducting screws or you're 'screwed'... ;)
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    Sold: Awlego's RGB Driver

    Re: FS: Awlego's RGB Driver Still available?
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    Feeler: Guidesman kits $10

    interested in 2 (I don't find them ugly, true: they aren't the most flashy and trendy hosts, but appear very practical to me and that compensates for the 'older' design IMO)
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    !CLOSED!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy!

    Re: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy! TAKING ORDERS Can also some '445/450/..nm' type lasers be added to the GB?
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    [DX clearance] WF502B host @ only 5.95 USD

    Hi guys (and girls;)) while doing my weekly 'dx-clearance-and-deals-section'-check, I stumbled upon a nice offer for bare WF-502B hosts. 5.95 USD a piece, discount is only 10% but still a good deal IMO >>> LINK to the clearance section <<< PS @mods: sorry if this also belonged in the...
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    Focalprice laser coupon code 10%

    new one MAYSAVE6 to save $6 over $60 in May (also included it in the 1st post)
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    Mohgasm.com Closing

    dam*n I will miss you and your quality work!
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    Focalprice laser coupon code 10%

    new code: AEFP5OFF valid on 5th april, 6th april, 7th april => NO MINIMUM!
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    REKE-500RGB @ LasersMan 209$* Shipped

    some laser systems are also for sale on Dinodirect (main site) I am busy making a list of all active coupon codes (will post them normally tomorrow) Here are already some 20$ of on 100$ orders: 20OFFBR EXTRASAVE BESTSALE2012 ps for who is interested in a CHEAP ALUMINIUM MOUNTING BRACKET...
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    Focalprice laser coupon code 10%

    ====> EDIT 13 march 2012 NEW COUPON CODES: copy/paste from my VIP Diamond member newsletter:
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    "1mW" Green laser for $4.89 SHIPPED

    thanx, made him the same offer.. hopefully he'll reply soon
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    So my wife is probably gonna leave me...

    in attchment you'll find one of my cases (pick-out-foam.. kinda funny as some lasers in my case can easily cut their own space out of the foam lol)