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  1. Dubwoofer

    O-like seems fishy

    Hmmm. Okay. I'm just put off a little by the fact that that the type of battery needed isn't specified. I'm gonna order it (Its so cheap and I'm not saving up for anything) but it would be inconvenient if I need some crap from amazon. Looks like AA's though.
  2. Dubwoofer

    O-like seems fishy

    So I was browsing O-like today and I came across this: 100mW 650nm red laser pen/ focusable /Pop balloons [OL-650-100P] - $11.99 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce Now, this site has several other, smaller, and weaker lasers for far more money than this one and this doesn't seem legit. So tell...
  3. Dubwoofer

    Hello I am new to this forum

    This is a thread for the questions forum section, not rules and stickys... ?
  4. Dubwoofer

    Thinking about buying this

    There is is again... The famous "Get goggles or die" LPF forums slogan! :tsk: @Superman: This is the wrong thread to be posting in or you post is kinda irrelevant. But if your not an idiot with the laser and your out side Yadda yadda yadda......
  5. Dubwoofer

    Warning : DO NOT buy from Lazerer

    Was still a very immature way to start a thread.
  6. Dubwoofer

    Thinking about buying this

    So I recently saw a thread by....... ummmm.. I'll have to get your name later sorry :P but I found (?) this site called "Lasersman.com" and they look legit and seem okay and I was thinking about buying this: 100mW 650nm High Power Handheld Red Laser Pointer Pen (1 x 18650) And this to charge the...
  7. Dubwoofer


    You should use the search button badger before telling somebody to. I searched for like 5 minutes on these forums for any thing about this sites rep and quality and i found very little.
  8. Dubwoofer

    SKYlasers ordering

    oops. I'm pretty sure i got the normal shipping and no, it's not part of the group buy, as all those lasers are very expensive and i don' want to start with a 500mW. I bought this LP650 80mW LP 635nm 650nm 5-130
  9. Dubwoofer

    SKYlasers ordering

    Ok this is kinda a simple question so lets get to it. On average, how many days does it normally take for a SKYlaser to arrive after it has been shipped? I'm in Texas just so you know.
  10. Dubwoofer

    A showcase of laser cases

    Wow. Thats alot of batteries
  11. Dubwoofer

    Are Wicked Hunting Lights lasers or what?

    I don't think its even remotely possible to make an explosive laser... I don't like how lasers are represented nowadays...
  12. Dubwoofer

    Some questions

    i'm sorry do be a dick Remco, but your posts are some of the hardest things to read in the world and you don't have a very great understanding of the "enter" button for use in paragraphs. (Forgive me if you are just learning this language) But it's because people like you (Pointing at planes...
  13. Dubwoofer

    Biglasers.com is a Scam

    I hate scams. It makes it hard to trust anybody at all. Nice thread, i might have ordered from them if i had not known.
  14. Dubwoofer

    wondering if this website is legit. laserpointerpro.com

    Yea laserpointerpro is worse than amazon. All the amazon pens are like 30mW overspecs and this site is a bunch of 5mW underspecs with bad lenses.
  15. Dubwoofer

    1 mW and 200 plus mW 650 nm red laserpointers

    Its 2mW........ and how do you know the power output? Surely you don't have an LPM? i don't see why you would if you only have like ebay pens or something........
  16. Dubwoofer

    Beamshots 473nm 80mW Lasever

    How long of an exposure did you use and what is your white balance? I don't see many pics with that nice "Flare" around the aperture and LED.
  17. Dubwoofer

    2W 445nm SH-032 (New :)

    Re: 1.9W 445nm SH-032 (New :) It kinda annoys me the WL (Ick) says they sell the most powerful HLs ion the world yet, I've seen many the are stronger.... (Epic laser BTW)
  18. Dubwoofer

    Beamshots 473nm 80mW Lasever

    How was that ice cream in your freezer?
  19. Dubwoofer

    Red wavelength comparison (ADD YOURS)

    Which would be the best wave length of red VISUALLY in your opinion? From 670 to 640nm. :D
  20. Dubwoofer

    CLOSED! Now Distributing ROUND 2!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy!

    Re: ROUND 2!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy! I wish i had the money for the HL532 300 :P it seems kinda strange that you need a rep power of 10 tho to order it the other way. Its is really hard to get rep on these forums but i understand. Scams and what not.