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    lasers and birds

    yes in 20 years they will. But the design you are talking about emits NO LASER ENERGY AT ALL. The laser emissions happen inside a sealed system where the laser strikes flourescent surfaces, these surfaces produce light that actually comes out onto the road. No laser comes out, it happens inside...
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    Review: 510nm Direct Green Diodes / Build Photos (DGH-N1, DGH-N2)

    So um can you tell us where you got the diodes from?
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    Arctic blue laser demo

    The Arctic is not a "bad" laser. But it is not what they advertise, and they promote ignorance. If you want to test it, put it on an LPM. Thats the only true benchmark there is. Burning is very subjective based on conditions.
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    Hit in eye with 1000mw 445nm blue laser

    Every minute you waste could be more vision loss as inflammation prevents proper nurishment and oxygen to your retina. emergency room please
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    LPF Secret Santa!

    I will glady send a dust cap anonymously for a 5W argon ion laser. =D
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    A Plea for EYE Safety!!

    What about High Intensity Discharge vehicle lamps using xenon arcs and what not...in regards to the blue light danger I notice alot of trends towards people moving towards violet and deep blue because its "cool". Could this not be hazardous as well?? Its already bad enough to have head...
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    1.2W 445nm -indoor/Outdoor yard beam shots+stary sky beam shots

    KA...ME...HA...ME...... HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
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    Member Map

    36025 for meee
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    LASERchat ban?

    I joined this chat! im so bored :) Had no idea it even existed. Who runs this? is it for the LPF community?
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    FEL for <$1000?

    Its always been my greatest dream to march my One thousand ton battle mech down the field of battle, nestled safely in my neo steel cockpit , unleashing beams of VISIBLE Green goodness at my enemies and burning them to bits. Will the Free electron laser make this possible? Could we mount one on...
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    FEL for <$1000?

    if I have understood FEL's correctly it is a quantum leap in laser design yes? Taking is from the mundane, to the science fiction fantasy. Until now , all lasers required a lasing medium be it chemicals...excimers...solids...gasses...diodes...an expendable fuel. But the FEL promises to do...
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    So whats up with these...just that they are cheap??? no exotic wavelength I take it...just cheap, and in the 300mw range
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    I pointed out a Satellite, it signaled back!

    This is all AWESOME!!!! If its friendly aliens, bring it. Ill be the first to welcome you, bow down to you, show you my laser collection and discuss philosophy and theoretical physics. :) Even if you are like...reptiles...or spiders....actually...Id kill to talk to a spider....but w/e If they...
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    I pointed out a Satellite, it signaled back!

    So in regards to the TR-3B. Alien Technology - The TR-3B How it Work? - YouTube So its claimed the TR-3B creates its own inertial reference frame. Inertial frames and Newtonian mechanics (from Einstein Light) Via a frame dragging effect... Kerr metric - Wikipedia, the free...
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    I pointed out a Satellite, it signaled back!

    Ive seen wierd shit lately too. Just the other night I noticed a light that was moving, solid light though...not blinking... I assumed it to be an air plane. It flew on a linear trajectory behind a small cloud. Nothing ever emerged on that trajectory...or any other ....and when the cloud had...
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    How old are you laser freaks ? :)

    I r 24 =D yes I edited it! Like everything I post. I forgot to make it a capital D!
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    10 Years since WTC, Your messages

    Sorry gonna delete all this post. Maybe too provocative :( I did agree with you though :)
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    10 Years since WTC, Your messages

    I agree entirely. The goal of terrorism is to force political change through hate and fear and violance. America "has" changed and we have been goaded into escalacting conflicts that not only risk more of our brothers lives, but demand greater restrictions on law abiding citizens at home...
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    10 Years since WTC, Your messages

    I was on my way to school. We were listening to this in the radio in the car. Something about a burning building and smoke everywhere. But we had no idea what was really going on until we got to the school and they had the TVs on watching the first tower burn. We just sat at school all day...
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    Torture by means of Lasers!

    Isnt that where they create a shallow wound with a blade or shard of glass. Allow it to clot and scab a little bit so they can reopen the same wound over and over?