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  1. trevorman33

    The 50€ blue laser pointer build!

    Hi, I am planning to make a cheap 40-60€ Laser build that uses a 1w m140, a three element glass lens module, a waterproof host and a blue laser driver. All the components are available on ODicforce. Does anyone even know a cheaper build (1w 445nm) When i start building, I will make some pics and...
  2. trevorman33

    Lasermeter kit from odicforce

    Hi i am planning to sell some diodes and will have to measure their power of course. I found out, that Lasermeters can be pretty expensive in europe, but I struggled over this: Component Bundle for Current and Voltage Monitor for Laser Diode Modules - OdicForce Has anyone tested it? Is it...
  3. trevorman33

    Countries of LPF. Where are you?

  4. trevorman33

    Hello from Austria!

    Thank you all really much for the fast replies, I appreciate the tolerance of this forum
  5. trevorman33

    Hello from Austria!

    Hi i am Tom from Vorarlberg, Austria I am really interested in diy lasers and am planning to build my third (the first two were just some 5mw red module diodes from amazn) Where should I buy my parts?(I have already bought an aixiz module from DX, but its shipping sucks) My plan is to build a...
  6. trevorman33

    Building a case for homemade laserpointer

    View image: IMG 20160602 154332 View image: IMG 20160602 154354 I am gonna add a heatsink, when i put the powerful diode in it
  7. trevorman33

    Where to salvage diodes from?

    Hi there, I have just gotten into the world of Lasers and am wondering about where you can salvage diodes from. Of course I have seen all the vids about extracting it from a Blueray or DVD writer sled, but are there any other devices that contain powerful laser diodes?
  8. trevorman33

    Building a case for homemade laserpointer

    thanks for the answers, I appreciate your tips, but i already built my laser inside a pvc barrel:thanks:
  9. trevorman33

    Building a case for homemade laserpointer

    Hello, I am attempting to build a 400mw red Laser from a DVD Writer and have got the circuit building done, my Module is being shipped right now and I need a case. I have searched the internet for Ideas, but they all use flashlights, but i am using a LM317 constant power source on a piece of...