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    Freak PHR-803T diode???

    Laser funds are a little short at this time...Seems like everything renews at this time of the year. Hope to order a laser power meter soon. Just need to make up my mind which one I need/can afford.
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    Freak PHR-803T diode???

    Here is a shot of the unfocused spot on a wall at about 5 ft. The spot is about 3 inches wide. The lens is still attached, just defocused. Could not get my room dark enought to see the pattern without a lens. Also attached is a pic of my driver setup. As seen, it is running the diode in...
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    Freak PHR-803T diode???

    This diode does have a barcode on the back. I tried to take a pic, but my camera didn't want any part of it. The code looks similar to your pic, in that there is the double square in the upper left corner. The dot pattern in the rest of the code is different. Sorry, what I ment to say was...
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    Freak PHR-803T diode???

    I'll try to get a pic of the diode today. Never used the macro setting for anything that small.
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    Freak PHR-803T diode???

    I harvested this diode from a PHR803T sled myself. I looked at the old sled and the sticker on it said PHR 803T. I bought two of these. I will have to harvest the other one shortly and see how they compare. I mounted this diode in an Aixis module and am using the included lens. When going...
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    Freak PHR-803T diode???

    I recently extracted the diode from a PHR803T sled. I installed it in an Aixiz module and hooked it to my lab supply. It is currently running at 300ma. It ha been running there for over 30 minutes and the module isn't even warm. When I began the test, I ramped up the current and at approx...
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    Current metering on a constant current driver.

    I ended up using the FlexMod P3 for my driver...It did everything I wanted and had plenty of current range as well. My "lab" supply is now alive and running. I had a slight problem with my TTL oscillator on first power up. Got a replacement capacitor today and will install tonight. This has been...
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    Which Battery is better for 3405

    I'm guessing you have already modified the tail cap to allow the longer battery?? I have a 3405 as well, running a 445 at 1 amp. I have a modified battery holder that uses 3- 10440's in parallel. Needless to say, they don't last very long. I need to do the tailcap modification on mine. The 18650...
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    CLOSED Group Buy for LPC-815, SF-AW210, PHR-803T, and GBW-H10L - Cheap!

    Re: Group Buy for LPC-815, SF-AW210, PHR-803T, and GBW-H10L - Cheap! Please put me down for 5: LPC-815 sleds. These do not need to be extracted...I need the practice. Forum name: tazlynx51 Location: Bedford, Va. USA
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    A140 diodes in stock! Not a GB! $42.50 Shipped!

    My second diode arrived today...Thanx ! !
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    12x GB Proper is a go!!!

    I would be interested in a 12X as well. Just LED'd my 250 mw module while testing my new "lab" supply.:cryyy:
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    NOW A GROUP BUY! FS: New LPC-815 and PHR-803T sleds as low as $5.85

    Re: FS: New LPC-815 and PHR-803T sleds as low as $5.85 Any of the PHR sleds left?? I'll take two.
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    jayrob Build Kits, Lenses, and Other Stuff Listed Here!

    Hey Jayrob, My 3405 "Hot" kit arrived sometime last week while I was on vacation. It was a delight to find it in my mailbox on Saturday. Sunday morning I mounted my 445 diode in a module and put everything together. You made it much too easy with your kit. Within 15 minutes, I had an awesome...
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    A-130 and A-140 GB Update! Diodes are In stock! No wait!

    Got my first diode just before I went on vacation. Hopefully, the second one will be here shortly. Mounted the first one in a 3405 "Hot" host I got from Jayrob. It was set for 1 amp. Quite the awesome beast.:eg: Thanx Pontiacg5 for doing this group buy.:beer: George
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    A-130 and A-140 GB Update! Diodes are In stock! No wait!

    Hey Pontiac, Per post number 36, I added another diode to my order and asked if you could ship them together. You said OK. Today I got my order but there was only one diode in there. I guess it got shipped before the other one came in?? Guess I owe you another $4.00 for shipping the second...
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    A-130 and A-140 GB Update! Diodes are In stock! No wait!

    Mornin, I ordered an A140 diode back on the 6th. I would like to order another one. Can you hold the first one and ship them both together when the next batch comes in, so I can save a little on shipping? And you will only have to ship one package to me... George
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    445nm Laser Diodes! A140 diodes - $38.50 A130 diodes - $35.00

    The last I heard was that Derrick was supposed to receive the projector early this week and that the diodes should shipout by Thursday or so. I have sent 2 PM's to see if he has any extras in this batch because I would like to order another one. I have heard nothing back yet. I guess he has been...
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    Diode press for sale pushes out the diode

    Need tools.....PM sent. George
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    1.6W Peak MXDL 3405 Review + Assembly Tutorial

    Hey DTR, Very nice build...Quite a beast there. I am currently waiting on basically the same "hot" kit and host from Jay as well. This particular build will only (?) run at 1 amp. ha ha. I am a little way back on Jays' list since he is on vacation. I can hardly wait to get going on mine...
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    445nm Laser Diodes! A140 diodes - $38.50 A130 diodes - $35.00

    Also ordered 1 x A140 LD. Finally going to start on that portable ! ! ! George