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    Need Admin for Laser Vids!

    yeah, i know you got in first, and i am willing to pay for it as well. If you need any help bluefusion, i would love to be there and help out. Please consider it. IDK if n00b has even read any of these replies yet but because youre first, youll most likely be considered.
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    Sonar II "Burner" from Wicked - yeah, right.

    this is the biggest scam W L has release since the spyder II. W L cant even make a fusioin over 50mw so what makes them think that they can make a 60mw 405nm?!?!
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    i thought it meant replaced as in put back, not as in riddle is now a substitute for it. now it makes sense. so like that means "GREG HAS NEW ACCOUNT SO THAT HE CAN POST RUDE THINGS AND JUST BE AN A@@ FOR NO REASON" k that makes more sense thanks.
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    so why does the title of this thread say replaced now?
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    Need Admin for Laser Vids!

    N00B, please read your PM. I have submitted my application for this job, and am desperate and would really be pleased to be able to help out this site.
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    Shiny, Sparkly, and Stupid ? :-P

    yeah, senkat left, but greg is still here. 8-)
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    Shiny, Sparkly, and Stupid ? :-P

    Re: you guys realize that this is senkat right.. i mean you dont exactly have to tell him what the Y in DIY means. View the last 25 posts by riddle by clicking on his profile then scrolling down. ::)
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    How did you find this forum?

    I wanted to know how most of you found this forum, and got into lasers. I personally saw a video on youtube of a laser lighting a match, and thought "hey thats awesome". in the description, there was this forum.
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    Hey guys...

    well youve come to the right place. welcome to the laser pointer forums!!! a lot of of these 6800 members know how to make a laser to suit your needs. if you ask around, plenty of people here know how to make lasers, and they can help.
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    100 WATT LASER $31 WORTH IT?!?!

    lol this title was a bit misleading...but after reading the link i understand now. so you can use this to create a laser of this power? not bad for 31 bucks, although idk how hard it would be to do...
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    combining lasers with fibers?

    not allowed to talk about other forums. anyway i would go with the mirrors way, they seem to work much better for collimating ect. IMO.
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    Re: HOW TO MAKE A STOP LIGHT CHANGE TO YOUR FAVOR! works here. now i just gotta remember the number sequence...
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    lol how did i not find this?

    no its the dude. youve never seen the big lebowski?
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    How powerfull........

    120mw of green for daylight. Maybe more if the air is not as humid or there arent as many particles in the air. Idk what it would take for red though, probably quite a bit...
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    My Techlasers experience

    I bought a 125mw CNI from techlasers a while ago, and heres what i think: Customer Service: Eh, ive had better, they didnt reply to my emails too fast, and their replies were lame and seemed like chineese put through an online translator. Laser Itself: Not bad, looks great, performs great. It...
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    upcoming WL/TL products - leaked!

    lol so this is what people really think of WL/TL... i always knew that people hated them. Every once in a while on the LC someone would go all out and like talk about how WL is a scam and stuff. Of course they got banned, and the posts were deleted. But no worries i agree, they scammed me too.
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    LPF Worldwide Lasers!

    no wait we should do some sort of muslim thing and everyone point theirs toward meca or something.. everyone buy a hercules first
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    Donating to LPF

    Hey that sounds cool. I think ill contribute a couple dollars when i get the chance.
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    How powerfull........

    cool thanks :)
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    How powerfull........

    I can see my 250mw green (532nm) just fine in the day, maybe not when theres absolutely no clouds, but when there are a few clouds, and i look directly down the beam, i can see it just fine. But my pulsar 125mw i cannot see in the day time, and can barely see in the night, only when you look...