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  1. Anthony P

    Primo Plasma Tubes & Other Delights

    Home built Scientific American argon laser.
  2. Anthony P

    Single Mode Diodes

    Did anyone mention coherence length for laser in an interferometer?
  3. Anthony P

    book recommendations...

    For basic electronics I love Forest Mims Engineering Mini Notes. There are several in the series.
  4. Anthony P

    Scientific American/Amateur Scientist Laser book.

    For glass work contact Eagle Laboratory Glass in Painesville, Ohio. They do extremely high quality work for very reasonable prices. https://www.eaglelabglass.com/ Yvonne Drake is the owner and made my laser tubes. Not only will they be perfectly formed and aligned, but they will also be annealed...
  5. Anthony P

    Scientific American/Amateur Scientist Laser book.

    I have built the Sci Am argon, dye, and N2. If you search Sam's Laser FAQ there you will find my report: Anthony's Argon. If you do some digging, all of the articles in the book can be found in Sci Am archives from their original magazine publication dates. I did find a copy of the book on...
  6. Anthony P

    Optical window assemblies

    Just spit-balling. For something professional, I would look into Conflat fittings or similar. For home made, I have had good luck on pressure and vacuum projects using brass plumbing compression fittings... replace the copper ferrule with o-rings to sandwich the lens.
  7. Anthony P

    Focusing or collimating ?

    That lens is not the same thread size as 303etc. It is, however, the same thread size as g2, g8, 3E and others. That looks like a standared 12mm module that will fit a variety of hosts. As for 1/8" at 20' that may be a tall order. Perhaps someone else has some ideas.
  8. Anthony P

    Trying to create a He-Ne handheld laser

    The first laser project I ever did 40 years ago was a similar HeNe in pistol configuration that fit inside a 1&1/2" pvc pipe. With modern batteries the project would be much easier today.
  9. Anthony P

    Looking for a LPM

    I am also in Ohio (Port Clinton). I have several power meters. Let me know if I can help.
  10. Anthony P

    Does it exist?

    laser level from Home Depot?
  11. Anthony P

    Advice on what components to buy for my first laser diode?

    A little over voltage does not hurt. It is just gets hotter. 12v may be a bit much. I have never tried a LM338 but is seems plausible. I know the LM317 does a good job for diodes rated for less than 1A. I would not hesitate to try a 338. Just test it with scope and "dummy load". As for a pot...
  12. Anthony P

    Will there ever be a brown laser ?

    Brown is a combination of primary colors. Maybe with a RGBY.
  13. Anthony P

    Advice on what components to buy for my first laser diode?

    The hardware you have selected is fine except as Shmackitup mentioned about focus lens. A 9v battery will not work. They can't supply adequate amperage. I strongly suggest spending the extra money for a real laser diode driver and use 2 lithium batteries in series (18650). I would pull fan power...
  14. Anthony P

    Lens G8 my mod 👍

    I have similar problems with G8. I do not know why it does not just come in a longer barrel.
  15. Anthony P

    My problems were batteries! Solved! I hope.

    18650batterystore is always my first stop for batteries. They are great, but lately their button top selection has been limited.
  16. Anthony P

    AixiZ Shipping

    I tried to stay out of this one, but the last time I ordered from AixiZ I had very similar issues. After over a month I had to file a PayPal dispute to get a refund. I will not order from them again.
  17. Anthony P

    Any techniques for aligning a Z-fold cavity?

    Glad to hear it. Next time you will be able to do it in 30 min.
  18. Anthony P

    I can’t get my first laser to work :/

    This is both circuits combined. Everything left of LD+ and LD- is the test load, and everything to the right is the CC driver. The test load section shows where to attach a volt meter to read the current to the laser diode. On the driver section, "RES" and "POT" set the output current. Note it...
  19. Anthony P

    I can’t get my first laser to work :/

    What results are you getting. Do the diodes light up at all. Are configured for CC mode on the 317s. What collimating optics? Test load?
  20. Anthony P

    Basic questions for thermal LPM

    You are correct. Your equations work to an extent, under ideal conditions. You also have to factor in ambient loss, purity of your sample, etc. A commercial power meter already has calibration for all relevant factors.