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  1. Blutquell

    Jet lasers any good? Nice looking Hosts

    Well honestly, my laser hobby is in a pause and i infrequently enter the forum as a guest. But idk i just decided to log in and post for once. The forum is not what it used to be too, the topics are a bit different and there hasn't been any significant advancement in laser technology for a while...
  2. Blutquell

    Jet lasers any good? Nice looking Hosts

    This guy behind denodan account seems like a bunch of ghost accounts WL created back then, to try and boost their sales. Obviously, they didn't realize that folks who lurk this forum are not particularly dumb, and we saw through all their bullshit right away. :tsk: Btw, its not the first thread...
  3. Blutquell

    My homemade GAUSS RIFLE

    I don't know if this is considered advertising, but i just thought i'd share this with you guys. I have followed his projects for quite some time, which include a pretty sick railgun. :) Sam Barros' PowerLabs!
  4. Blutquell

    My homemade GAUSS RIFLE

    Reminds me of a weapon from unreal tournament or so. Very impressive weapon. +rep
  5. Blutquell

    How many times have you been on airplanes?

    LoL :D I've traveled from cali to mexico city back and forth about 20 times? Something like that.
  6. Blutquell

    Copper vs Aluminum vs Ect.

    :p atleast five characters Oh and very interesting calculations. :pop:
  7. Blutquell

    GB: 4$ heatsinks, 1.5$ aluminum modules AND more!

    I also need 3x setscrews :)
  8. Blutquell

    Copper vs Aluminum vs Ect.

    lol xD
  9. Blutquell

    Found some interesting 445 lens.. ;)

  10. Blutquell

    Copper vs Aluminum vs Ect.

    Seems you guys like geeking out on thermal conductivity :) Yes, we all know the numbers don't lie, and know copper overall manages heat better than just about everything else. I was thinking however, how about the mixing of metals? If any sort of combination would pose an awkward benefit. A...
  11. Blutquell

    Found some interesting 445 lens.. ;)

    what's the name of the lens o:?
  12. Blutquell

    700$ brightest laser i can buy.

    With $700 budget, i would look at something like this: 200mW to 700mW PL-E 532NM Green Lasers. The 300mw version is more than enough for star pointing. At night, you will get a very solid, almost string-like beam. And spend the rest in... moar lasers :D RIFLE 445nm - Full 1.2W Focusable Blue...
  13. Blutquell

    Some Help with this laser that has now fell in my lap please.

    i concurr, post some pictures of the unit.
  14. Blutquell

    1.5v Green laser ;)

    That's interesting, most modules use 3~4.2V What kind of flashlight was used? it looks like a maglite solitaire.
  15. Blutquell

    Anyone pushed a M140 beyond 2.0A?

    Perhaps you can replace the resistor(s) to yield the desired 1.8A?
  16. Blutquell

    Mini Brass 405 Project

    Umm, they sell it at home depot i believe. its something like this: Ideally, it could have been done before press-fitting everything, but well, tape the aperture of the laser to prevent the window from being sprayed.
  17. Blutquell

    Mini Brass 405 Project

    Very slick build, you should mirror polish the host :D Or you can also go with the sleek satin and spray some clearcoat over it to avoid fingerprint marks on the brass.
  18. Blutquell

    GB: 4$ heatsinks, 1.5$ aluminum modules AND more!

    "I also had a GB planned for more modules & heatsinks" Had :( Im really sorry you had to lose money, shit happens.
  19. Blutquell

    optical head with plexiglass frame

    I need to be on here more often, omg!! *geekgasm* The plexiglass glows so nice when its on. *-* Well, i think the fan is adequate, more akin to a turbine with 40db lol, but this build seems to be overkill in every aspect. You could slap a TEC as others have suggested, which would shave off...