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    Still waiting on driver from Cilegray...

    Thanks Jerry for the message. I gotta admit, this website has been opening up at the same time as the other 25+ tabs on my firefox window everytime I restart it, but I never bothered looking at this tab much. I never got around to sending the second one out... and right now, this isn't really...
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    Selling my Krypton and LPM

    I am blaming you? I just said as far as I'm concerned it's not a problem because I got my money back. If you think I'm the kind of person to want to steal an LPM from you after dealing sucessfully with dozens of members on these forums, we have a problem. Jake is right on, you are immature...
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    Selling my Krypton and LPM

    I guess I should add to this... When this guy told me he was going to sell it to me, then retracted his 'sale' because someone had offered a bigger amount for the full package (which is what turned this thread into garbage in the first place), I gave the guy some flak in PM... After all the...
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    Selling my Krypton and LPM

    I waited 42 days, which I think is more than adequate for something like this... I paid 100$ shipped and it was up to him to decide which shipping method he wanted to use, but I let him know that without delivery confirmation... he couldn't do anything in case of a paypal dispute. I guess he...
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    Selling my Krypton and LPM

    I would have accepted it as a loss to the postal workers IF he wouldn't have disappeared and stopped answering messages... But the fact that he just stretched the dispute as long as he could, then once he know I was going to escalate after 6 weeks just shut up and waited as long as possible...
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    Selling my Krypton and LPM

    Anyone want to know how this story ends ? 6 weeks after supposedly shipping it, seller goes dark, doesn't reply to paypal complaint/claim and I get my money back thx to paypal. Thx for wasting my time, jerk.
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    Cooling fan screams it out helppls

    Things has it right on. Depending on the bearing type, and construction of the fan... results will vary, but if you can undo the spring clip holding the shaft and blades in, you should be able to inspect it for cleaning and/or lubricating. You can also go crazy with disc brake cleaner if it's...
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    BenBoosts 11.50$ + 2.50SH CDN - PM for availability.

    Re: Presale (24h LEFT) : 80 BenBoost first come first served. 11.50$ + 2.50SH CDN Yup, I was pretty much MIA. Everyone has been contacted and offered a timely refund but everyone agreed to have their units shipped anyways, and every last order was corrected today. I currently have parts for...
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    Pesky BenBoost Drivers

    Thanks AnthoT... I'm doing fine, it's the world around me that's falling apart ^^
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    Pesky BenBoost Drivers

    I am very very sorry guys... I have been having all kinds of problems recently. First it was the GF... then it was a close friend of mine having a horseback riding accident, which ended up with a broken vertabrae, 2 operations and a chance that she's going to lose her legs. I spent a few days...
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    Pesky BenBoost Drivers

    Since I have the parts to make a bunch more of these, I'm willing to have one made and shipped to someone with an oscilloscope, so Quack won't have to tear apart his build to test again... I can also include a few spare caps, or stack em, etc... LMK if anyone's interested in this offer. Edit...
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    Gaming pc on a budget?

    So moh, what's up now ? I've got a 56 wiz and a 20ish barb going right now...Act II hell. The AH can be very profitable in short periods of time, too many people dont know how to price their crap. I've made about 1.2mil in 2-3 hours on there today.
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    GB: $2.46 Ben Boost Drivers

    Shit, closed the window in which I was writing my reply by accident; really don't feel like typing it over, so here's the short version I'll take parts for 50 if it doesn't have to include inductors. Speaking of these, I have about 400 spare I could 'trade' you for the rest of the parts... or...
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    FREE DIY open source BOOST driver!!! Tested & working!!

    I'm not reflowing this but IIRC you also want to do the big one first because it 'should' take longer to reflow and you don't want to leave the other things in there longer than they need to be.
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    BenBoosts 11.50$ + 2.50SH CDN - PM for availability.

    Re: Presale (24h LEFT) : 80 BenBoost first come first served. 11.50$ + 2.50SH CDN Lmao... add me up, my paypal addy = my email for blizz too. I got a 49 wizard finishing act 3 nightmare tonight
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    GB: 2$ copper modules ALL SIZES CLOSED

    Got mine today as well !
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    BenBoosts 11.50$ + 2.50SH CDN - PM for availability.

    Re: Presale (24h LEFT) : 80 BenBoost first come first served. 11.50$ + 2.50SH CDN Yes I do have about 25 left... sorry for the late reply, been caught up with Diablo 3 ;)
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    Selling my Krypton and LPM

    Yes, he provided 'proof'.... in the form of a post office receipt + the carbon copy of the customs declaration... both of which aren't really 'proof' cuz you can pay for shipping and never drop it off. Anyways
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    Selling my Krypton and LPM

    I received today, stuff ordered from USA via airmail that was shipped on the 4th of may. Nothing from you yet tho.