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  1. SKeeZ

    White Copper Head 2.7W+ 445nm Laser Build

    Super cool build! I'm just getting back into the hobby so I am not sure what diode/driver you used off the top of my head, if you could tell me. +rep
  2. SKeeZ

    !!! Bidding for LPF Donation ENDED !!!

    Re: !!! Bidding for LPF Donation !!! Ill go 30
  3. SKeeZ

    520nm diodes - new kid on the block - More powah

    Re: 520nm diodes - More powah Well, Those diodes look great. I did notice that you mixed up the names and prices but that doesn't matter so much i guess. It is concerning that the seller (TechHood) used the same pictures with both. I did manage to find both of their Data Sheets so it appers...
  4. SKeeZ

    Laser for squirrel hunting?

    blarg, how did you manage to break the lens of your budget gadgets laser?
  5. SKeeZ

    Two Melles Griot Tubes With Clipped Chords

    its not working, i can't even feel the electricity on my tounge. but whats really strange is that my multimeter reads 3.000V- a fairly perfect voltage. i'm going for the RMA.
  6. SKeeZ

    Two Melles Griot Tubes With Clipped Chords

    NOT what i wanted to hear... i spent 75 bucks on the thing and im not sure f i can return it after all the soldering and such that i had to do...
  7. SKeeZ

    Two Melles Griot Tubes With Clipped Chords

    yellow to ground (black)-->TTL On. are you saying i should take TTL (yellow) to +12V(red)?
  8. SKeeZ

    Two Melles Griot Tubes With Clipped Chords

    If my testing methods arent right, it still dousnt zap me. I put both leads on my tounge, nothing. My input is dead on @ 12VDC @1.5A which calculates to be 18 Watts, dead on what the stcker says.
  9. SKeeZ

    Room Mood Lighting

    Yes, blue is the only component of white light that reduces your body's capability to produce melatonin.
  10. SKeeZ

    Two Melles Griot Tubes With Clipped Chords

    no, it doesn't. Supposedly, Meredith instruments test all of the supplys. I am not sure. gonna go check the FAQ. EDIT: couldn't find anything on the FAQ
  11. SKeeZ

    Two Melles Griot Tubes With Clipped Chords

    bump. anybody know?
  12. SKeeZ

    Two Melles Griot Tubes With Clipped Chords

    multimeter and the tube doesn't fire so, that is also an indication. i have measured 6KV on my meter before. TTL modulation is also off.
  13. SKeeZ

    Two Melles Griot Tubes With Clipped Chords

    Ok, so my PSU arrived today. and i am pretty anxious to get it working. there is one problem. It only is putting out 3V when powered, (Not 1800V) someone please help.
  14. SKeeZ

    Room Mood Lighting

    I am looking to do a red led ceiling in my new house, blue and UV are the only wavelengths that inhibit production of sleep-causing chemicals in the body, its a pretty color but it may make it hard to sleep. red is a comforting color and probably a much better option.
  15. SKeeZ

    Cheap chinese 190-540+ 800-1064nm glasse

    The glasses may work but not if you order them from aliexpress. avoid the company at ALL COSTS.
  16. SKeeZ

    Broke my laser

    looks like you weren't able to escape fate... see what i did there :)
  17. SKeeZ

    Early november night session

    I like it, its different than brucemir's pics in that you show the actual laser instead of just the beams, i don't mind it.
  18. SKeeZ

    5000 Mega Watt handheld laser

    Techichally this would be a 5G GW laser :)
  19. SKeeZ

    DPSS Theoretical Wavelengths V2

    As I read your document it can be a little hard to read in the mass of numbers in the 2nd quadrant.
  20. SKeeZ

    Peregrine - The Free, Open Source LPM Interface

    At this point i am seriously considering getting an LPM. I have your awesome software and i really want to be able to use it ...