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  1. Ibuprofen200mg

    Cajunlasers going out of business sale

    Always my first choice, top notch, thanks for the service!
  2. Ibuprofen200mg

    Will be closing shop by end of month.

    Goodluck! Your quality services and insight will be missed. -ibuprofen
  3. Ibuprofen200mg

    So LPF, What do you drive?

    1997 Subaru Outback Impreza 2.2l 2013 Suzuki DR-200SE
  4. Ibuprofen200mg

    WTB 445 nm JAD kit(s)

    Coworker wants to get into the laser building game, I'm too lazy ATM to track down all the components separately, anyone have/know of any 445 nm JAD kits for sale, any style is fine, just something easy to slap together for a first timer. Already has eye protection BTW. ;) As always, Thanks.
  5. Ibuprofen200mg

    1st Build, 3W 9mm 445nm

    Wow. +1
  6. Ibuprofen200mg

    Skylaser (laserBtB) PL650-1000

    I was to bamboozled about the 1 W 650 to rep you awillis :shhh:, indeed a nice review! +1 :beer:
  7. Ibuprofen200mg

    Skylaser (laserBtB) PL650-1000

    Hey awillis, wanna take yours apart? :eg: ;)
  8. Ibuprofen200mg

    Skylaser (laserBtB) PL650-1000

    Are they in the 5.6 mm form? Kind of embarrassed but this is news to me, I thought the lpc series was it for single mode 650 200+ mW besides the newer 3.8 mm diodes. Links?
  9. Ibuprofen200mg

    Skylaser (laserBtB) PL650-1000

    Wait, how the hell are they getting 1.2W of 650??? WTH? How could I be this out of the loop? Where are the 1 W 650 nm diodes? :huh:
  10. Ibuprofen200mg

    WTB: 300 + mW 532

    It was a good deal I suppose, didn't need all the extra stuff though, I have too much extra stuff. :beer: STILL looking btw, sorry I didn't respond to your PM infinitus, but I'm gonna hold off on the WL. Thanks for your offer though.
  11. Ibuprofen200mg

    How do I do it!!! (M-140 soldering)

    I remember my first build ;). Hope you come out OK, remember what Dave said, DO NOT twist those wires!
  12. Ibuprofen200mg

    Is this method of sodlering any good for lasers? (hook)

    When soldering small parts, I find that a clean tip is one of the most important things. It will make life much easier. ;)
  13. Ibuprofen200mg

    FS Ehgemus CR123a FlexDrive LPC 650nm

    BAH! all my lasers are gone :undecided: lol What did you end up putting in that host Ped?
  14. Ibuprofen200mg

    FS Ehgemus CR123a FlexDrive LPC 650nm

    I sold an WL E3 that I put an lpc-826 in for $100 IIRC, it was doing about 300 mW and was in mint condition. http://laserpointerforums.com/f50/lpc-826-wl-e3-host-72926.html NOTE: to whoever has that thing, I would like to buy it back lol ;)
  15. Ibuprofen200mg

    FS:Wicked lasers elite E3 300mw green!

    Re: FS:Wicked lasers elite E3 500mw green! I had a very similar laser, the E3 200 mW, same finish on the host and all. It did about 110 mW at very best. I believe this was early 2011 and I paid $89.99 to WL for it. Several weeks later the price of that model jumped to $149.99 IIRC. My laser...
  16. Ibuprofen200mg

    PBS for 660 & 405 nm

    I know, it's ugly, but this is my plan so far, any suggestions welcome. I have a pot like the ones poorly depicted above on a 445 labby unit and it works quite well, I can adjust the power between 80mW-1W with suitable precision. I estimate I should be able to get 500-600 mW of pink ;)
  17. Ibuprofen200mg

    PBS for 660 & 405 nm

    Thanks for all of the input guys, and the pics Hak! Definitely going the dichro route from DTR as I need some other stuff from him as well. I'm working on a schematic while goldbricking at work :eg: (using MS paint lol), I'll update when I'm done :beer:
  18. Ibuprofen200mg

    PBS for 660 & 405 nm

    Thanks for the links, I'm looking to combine a 660 nm and 405 nm beam with a single cube, I'm guessing that if I buy a PBS coated for 660 nm, I will just have to deal with reduced transmission of the 405 nm? Any thoughts? EDIT: After some snooping I think I'm just going to go with a dichro...
  19. Ibuprofen200mg

    PBS for 660 & 405 nm

    Any recommendations on where to find a PBS for the 400-700 nm range? I see some PBSers listed on fleebay, but they specificy 600nm-IR. I'm hoping to score one at ~$50 to stay within budget on my next build. PINK! :p
  20. Ibuprofen200mg

    WTB: 300 + mW 532

    Saw your krypton for sale before ;) The size and the safety switch are kind of off-putting though, I'll keep it in mind though pending other offers. I really like the O-like crown lasers, but I'm reluctant to order from them these days.