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  1. BuildAbluraylaser

    Photography thread!

    This thread is for everybody who wants to post and show off non laser related pictures. Some quick rules : -You may not post pictures that do not belong to you. -You may not post obscene or violent pictures. -You may not post portraits or pictures of people without their...
  2. BuildAbluraylaser

    DIY laser "scanner" (music visualizer)

    This is my second version of a music visualizer I posted some months ago. This one uses two "galvos" (actually the front part of GGW sleds) and a DIY 22W amp (seen in the back). Vid: D0sXNd3cR7I Here's some pics and more info. The amp; the "galvos" are connected in parallel to the speakers...
  3. BuildAbluraylaser

    Macro lenses for Canon EOS Rebel T1I

    So I recently got myself for Christmas a Canon EOS Rebel T1I (my first SLR :)) with a 250mm IS zoom lens, the camera is great and all, but I like to do macro photography, and I don't know what macro lens I should buy. My budget is around $400, btw. Now I took a look at lenses from Tokina, Sigma...
  4. BuildAbluraylaser

    TEC current settings help (DDL driver)

    So, I'm building a TEC labby, and I'm planning to use a 12V 3A wall adapter (unregulated), connected to a fan (for the TEC) and a 7809 regulator (to get a 9V output). The output of this regulator will be connected to two DDL drivers, one plugged to a TEC at 600mA (the TEC is rated 10V at 1A)...
  5. BuildAbluraylaser

    How good are these goggles for 200mW?

    So how good are these goggles for 200mW lasers, at 532, 650 an 405nm? I'm looking for protection against reflections, and to make it more easy to collimate my lasers. LD4 - Visible Laser Diode Protection LD4 Laser Protective Eyewear [NOR-LD4-00000] - $73.23 And how do you calculate the...
  6. BuildAbluraylaser

    Need some help to put together a laser scanner

    So I want to put together a laser scanner, I have a approximately $350 of budget. Now I will be getting this kit : Lasershow Parts - SCANECO Series Economy 20Kpps Galvonometer Kit + "Lasershow Player Board" What else, other than a laser do I need, and where can I find it? For software I'm...
  7. BuildAbluraylaser

    Is there any new boost drivers available?

    It's been a while since I've looked up for part to build a laser, so I'm wondering if there's any new boost drivers available, because the only one I ever hear about was the flexdrive. But I have to say that this one was kind of pricy, so are there new cheeper alternatives?
  8. BuildAbluraylaser

    Help needed for DIY green laser

    It's been a while since I've made a laser and I got a good idea for a DIY green laser. But I need a little help. I'm thinking about using this module : Rayfoss Is it good? And also I need some 3V rechargeable batteries, 14500 AA size, but all I'm finding are 3.7V batteries. Can I use a...
  9. BuildAbluraylaser

    Green beam shots and a new kind of spirograph...

    So 3 days ago I was at the beach, in Maine, and the air was very foggy, so I played with a 20mW, and here's some photos : Now, for that spirograph, wich is more exactly a spininig mirror and a DIY "galvo". The galvo is a front lense assembly from a GGW, on wich I glued a small mirror...
  10. BuildAbluraylaser

    Questions about laser safety goggles

    So I've built quite a few lasers over the months, and I'm now thinking about buying laser safety goggles. So I went on the OEM website and found those : LD4 - Visible Laser Diode Protection LD4 Laser Protective Eyewear [NOR-LD4-00000] - $73.23 It says it protect against visible...
  11. BuildAbluraylaser

    Tutorial : An alternative to labels

    Maybe you are like me and dislike labels because they don't blend with the background well, unless they're transparent, but you can't find transparent sticky paper to print on, and you don't want to buy labels because you want your own custom logos... If you have these problems, well I have the...
  12. BuildAbluraylaser

    My image still not showing

    My image wasn't showing, so I got Blu-ray Junkie to resize it. But I still can't see it. How come?
  13. BuildAbluraylaser

    Question concerning a DIY laby

    Hi, I want yo make a red laser labby using a red closed can long die laser diode from a GGW sled. It will be air cooled using a fan and the module will be set in a custom aluminium heatsink from Jayrob. Now the first question is : All of the fans I found work on 12v, now, I need 6v for the...
  14. BuildAbluraylaser

    Rkctsr driver problem

    For some reason, the full range driver I bought from Rkc does'nt want to go over 199mA. It is a full range, and I'm using two 10440 and the dummy load from Rkc. Can somebody explain this to me, I'm lost :can: Oh, why is my image not showing? Can you see it? <----
  15. BuildAbluraylaser

    Some comments, and problems with the new LPF

    So, I took a good look at the new forum, and found some intersting stuff. First, in the history, the title of the page doesn't just show "Laser Pointer Forums", but more info, like the thread that had been visited, so searching for a web page in the history is no more about selecting a random...
  16. BuildAbluraylaser

    Scanner questions

    So I'm new to laser scanner, but I already have read some documentation, and I'm wondering how to build your own open loop galvos for a simple laser scanner, and how you get to plug them into your computer. I've already used some recycled PHR parts to create a sound reactive scanner, but the...
  17. BuildAbluraylaser

    Voltage questions

    So I built yesterday a LPC flashlite style laser (there's a topic in multimedia if you want some pics :D) and I used 6 volts to set my Rkctsr driver at 200mA. I didn't have my batteries (2X10440) at that time, so I wonder if it's okay to power my laser with them like it is know, or if I have to...
  18. BuildAbluraylaser

    My lasers, and my new LPC-815 laser

    Here some pics, in chronological order, and from left to right : 115mW LPC-815, 660nm; 5mW (I don't think so) DX module, 532nm; 50mW DT0811, 406nm The red laser was completed today, but still hasn't the good batteries, it's using 3 AAA (4.5v) instead of the 2 10440 (7.4v). The washer that...
  19. BuildAbluraylaser

    Argon laser questions

    Ok, so I'm looking for an argon laser, and I might be able to buy one. I took a look on ebay and found that : http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120410227804&translate=yes The desciption says that two power the transistors are shorted out. Does anybody know if I could repair it...
  20. BuildAbluraylaser

    Lookin for a HeNe

    I'm looking for a HeNe laser, with a cool wavelenght (yellow to green). This will be my first gas laser, and that's why I'm looking for help. I've got a 100$ budget, including shipping. Some help for buying will be appreciated.