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  1. Razako

    New 585nm Laser Diodes!

    That's awesome, I wonder how long until we can buy something from sanwu or jetlasers with it. I haven't bought many lasers since getting into hifi, but I'd definitely have to get a good diode yellow
  2. Razako

    (Yet another) First laser thread: LaserGlow <5mW lasers...worth the extra $$$?

    Laserglow sells high quality sub 5mw lasers. I've never had issues with those. The problems begin when you go into the category of their higher powered units. They charge ridiculous prices and won't ship them to the USA.
  3. Razako

    Review of the RLP-780-10 780nm Laser Pen

    Well done review, thanks
  4. Razako

    New Sanwu 304 green laser not working (solved)

    I've long believed that all lasers and flashlights should have the polarity marked somewhere inside the battery compartment. So many mistakes could have been prevented.
  5. Razako

    Dragon Laser Viper Series

    The diode is fine or it wouldn't work, you just need to adjust the collimating lens for the focal point you want.
  6. Razako

    Politics and General Debates Thread

    What I'm finding very odd about all this is how detached the stock market has been from our economic reality. The Nasdaq is at record highs, and companies like Apple have seen their stock price double over a year despite mediocre earnings. It's not like people are suddenly buying 2x as many...
  7. Razako

    Where can I buy a 7 watt laser?

    Are you on some kind of high alert list or something? It's like they caught you once and now your packages are marked for extra scrutiny. Maybe try having a friend order for you or something.
  8. Razako

    Dragon Lasers doesn't sell handhelds anymore?

    That sucks, guess I need to treasure and protect my 589nm Spartan now since it's impossible to replace.
  9. Razako

    ANTIFA Likely Permanently Blinded Federal Officers With Lasers, Officials Say

    Uhg, I heard of this as well on the gun forum I go to. Honestly I'm shocked it took so long for this to be a thing, with cheap 1W blue lasers available for lunch money on ebay and such it was only a matter of time until the protestors figured out a new use for them. Hopefully none of the...
  10. Razako

    Klipsch or Polk Audio

    Yeah, stuff has just been crazy lately with the pandemic and all. Hadn't been around here in a while cause there were just so many other things to think/worry about. Still hoping for yellow diode handheld lasers, that would definitely get my interest perked again. I basically built up a...
  11. Razako

    Klipsch or Polk Audio

    Hmmm, hifi audio is basically what ate up my laser budget and why I haven't been too involved in the hobby lately. Personally I'd recommend Klipsch, but both are good options. My own speakers are made by monitor audio, got em from crutchfield.
  12. Razako

    Politics and General Debates Thread

    We literally cannot afford a full-scale war with Iran. They would be much harder to take down than Iraq and our country is broker than ever. We're still recovering from the trillions spent and 5000+ soldiers lost in Iraq for nothing. What we did basically amounts to an open act of war, and...
  13. Razako

    Sanwu lasers

    That's odd most of my Sanwu lasers have been decent with the exception of one where I had to fix the tailcap switch by myself. Then again, I bought them all like 2-3 years ago. I hope their quality standards haven't slipped since then.
  14. Razako

    Videos from youtube you wish to share.

    I've been a big fan of that channel for about a year now. It's what inspired me to do my own PC build.
  15. Razako

    574nm 36 mW Yellow Laser

    Darn, these still aren't available I guess.
  16. Razako

    Another Arcane story

    Wow, I'm actually glad I never got my lasers from them and just got a refund from paypal. A damn Somalian orphanage could probably do better soldering work than that.
  17. Razako

    574nm 36 mW Yellow Laser

    Interesting stuff, I wonder when/if these might start showing up in handhelds though?
  18. Razako

    what is the most dangerous colour laser ?

    From a practical standpoint, IR is by far the most dangerous. You can have a huge amount of 808nm power and it will visibly look like a little cat pointer if that. Other IR wavelengths over 1000nm are completely invisible and you can be frying your retinas without even knowing it. I own a LOT...
  19. Razako

    The worst example of poor laser safety I’ve ever seen!

    Yeah, too many tide pod eaters and 'stove top challenge' winners here:cryyy:
  20. Razako

    The worst example of poor laser safety I’ve ever seen!

    Reported him to youtube, what an absolutely idiotic/irresponsible/dangerous thing to do. It looked like he had the laser intentionally unfocused and didn't actually hit his pupils, but still...