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  1. Pontiacg5

    Some more stuff for sale, diodes and drivers

    I still have a few odds and ends for sale, mostly didoes and drivers. I have 3 A140 diodes, $37 each shipped I also have three PHR diodes, $10 shipped I have a 500mW 635 c-mount and a matched corrective lens for $50. Brand new! I also have a 2W 808nm c-mount with a set of blue crystals for...
  2. Pontiacg5

    My new toy

    I went down one gas laser this week, not acceptable... So I got this. Not your average CO2 tube. Well, it sort of is but it's still awesome! The best part is what it's attached to... It's a 1200x900 CNC laser cutter, and it's a lot of fun. Now I just need ideas for cool things to cut...
  3. Pontiacg5

    Re: Electron

    Re: Electron [/Language]
  4. Pontiacg5

    473nm laser module "labby" 10mW+ - $75

    I have a 473nm 10mW blue laser module for sale. It's a nice CNI head with all sorts of fun parts in there should you want to tear it apart. I would advise you don't though as this is one of the better of the e-bay 473's. I removed the pickoff from this laser and it now runs several times...
  5. Pontiacg5

    Empty Cashious projectors. $10 + $10.95 shipping

    I still have 10+ A130/A140 projectors. Complete except for the diode array and in some cases the door covering the diodes. Not all of my projectors have bags and cables. I will continue to include those things till I can't anymore so order early if you want the free extra goodies!! I'm...
  6. Pontiacg5

    ~500mW 445nm Pen style laser - $125

    I have a pen laser for sale, it's a custom one I built myself. The module used is pretty special, it's a copper module with an aluminum cap for the back. This cap is custom machined to hug the back of the diode to get as much thermal contact as possible with the case of the diode. As far as I...
  7. Pontiacg5

    Uniphase Multiline Argon Laser! 110V W/controller. Ready to lase!

    I thought I might get a little more interest if I gave this it's own thread. I'm putting my argon up for sale, I only use it once a month anyway so hopefully someone else can get more use of this. It's a really nice laser, a Uniphase 2214-40MLA. It's in excellent shape, hardly a scratch on it...
  8. Pontiacg5

    PontiacG5's Massive sales thread. Diodes, Lasers and parts!!

    Hey everyone! Long time no see, eh? If anyone was wondering I finally found the opportunity I was looking for and I've been working pretty much non stop since the work is there. I might have a few machines of my own before much longer, assuming I can get enough saved up for a down payment...
  9. Pontiacg5

    Fog machine and juice for $23 shipped

    Target:Fog Machine with 1 Pint Fog Juice - Black :whistle:
  10. Pontiacg5

    Steve Jobs

    Is dead... Steve Jobs: Apple's Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO - chicagotribune.com Rip. I hate failphones but he was still a very respectable person.
  11. Pontiacg5

    12mm Copper 3.8mm 5.6mm and 9mm Aixiz replacement modules

    I've finally started making copper aixiz replacement modules :san: These modules are dimensionally similar to the regular brass aixiz modules, except these are made to a much tighter tolerance! The lens threading is much tighter, the outer diameter is much more uniform, the diode pocket is...
  12. Pontiacg5

    Dear Avery

    Keep censoring the forum like that when things don't go your way. Remember what it did to the old laser community. Your greed will ruin this forum. You are making it blatantly obvious that you are only here to turn a profit on the members of this forum. People don't like that much...
  13. Pontiacg5

    Aurora C6 copper heatsinks

    After cleaning up my desk I managed to find a baggie of these things tucked away in the corner so I figured I'd offer them up for sale :D (most) All are pretty badly tarnished, one of the side effects of using copper. They can be polished till they shine again but they will just tarnish again...
  14. Pontiacg5

    HTV Inferno, a cheaper buck driver for reds?

    Check this out, I found it while trolling through e-bay... 660nm red laser diode driver (HTV Inferno 2.11) | eBay I think the "pot-mod" statement might just be a language barrier issue, it sure seems like he knows his stuff from the rest of the listing. It looks hand assembled so I searched...
  15. Pontiacg5

    4 Kryton Grooves

    I have 4 Kryton Grooves for sale, left over from the Group buy (so they're genuine!) All 4 will include a focus adaptor custom fit to the host. These are unfinished, no anodizing or polishing. I did do some slight sanding while they were in the lathe to make them easier to anodize or polish...
  16. Pontiacg5

    C6 Aurora Copper heatsinks

    I still have a bunch of these left, direct press modules for the popular C6 Aurora flashlight. I'm asking for $150 shipped for 10, or $20 shipped each (International shipping extra!) ~40 left ATM
  17. Pontiacg5

    Cree Aurora full copper heatsinks for sale. Direct press, no aixiz module.

    I've got a VERY limited supply of these. Once they're gone, they're gone! These are solid copper direct diode press fit heatsinks made to fit the Cree Aurora host. However, these heatsinks have a special feature... They allow you to use any diode press! You may have to cut the back...
  18. Pontiacg5


    We're all screwed, those of us in the Midwest at least... My truck was buried under so much ice when I got off of work today that one of my mirrors shattered. I'm still contemplating how exactly that happened but nonetheless, I'm pissed. Now they're talking 2 feet of snow and no power for...
  19. Pontiacg5

    Computer Mice?

    Well, it's a very sad day in my house. My mouse has finally taken a crap, my left click button only works half the time but it succeeds at pissing me off 100% of the time. Here's what I'm using now, its a Microsoft wired laser mouse. The very first laser mouse Microsoft sold. (Hey, the box...
  20. Pontiacg5

    Custom side push button polished 445 FS >500mW

    I managed to get this laser back, so I'm going to try and sell it again. It's a custom design side push button that uses 18650 batteries. Inside is an A140 diode and a flexdrive but I've long forgotten what I set it at. The lens is a 405 aixiz glass lens, and it is externally focusable by...