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  1. ZRaffleticket

    The OBIS 355-20 laser

    I don't have the full pinout either, but this is the bare minimum to get it to run. Good luck.
  2. ZRaffleticket

    WTB 589nm 50mW+ handheld

    I've tried buying from beamq twice, and both times they have ripped me off and never sent me anything... They "sell" products they cannot acquire, and leave you in limbo without a word. Would recommend against buying from them.
  3. ZRaffleticket

    618nm Cryo Laser - More Orange for me!

    Thanks everyone. Yeah I guess I might have the most fleshed out yellow-orange collection now. I don't have a Raman 609nm line on my hene or a 615nm necsel though. Lazeerer may still have me beat since he had a lot of oddball tech. Stephan can probably give more detail to its design, but it's...
  4. ZRaffleticket

    618nm Cryo Laser - More Orange for me!

    Hey everyone. I filled another gap in my collection, just in time for Halloween! Does anybody remember Stephan aka farbe2's thread from last year on cryo cooling a red diode into orange? I bought one off him. Finally after some revisions, I have a fully functioning unit tuned to 618nm (we...
  5. ZRaffleticket

    375nm USHIO 200mW HL37013MG Diode

    Phillip, I sent an email the other day too, can you also see if you can get your hands on the 425nm diodes as well? gh04i01a2g Apparently Sharp refuses to sell them to China, meaning my contacts and other sellers like Beamq can't actually get them at the moment
  6. ZRaffleticket

    375nm USHIO 200mW HL37013MG Diode

    Appears to be the same sharp diode I mentioned
  7. ZRaffleticket

    Searching for 495nm

    Didn't Phillip say he could get them binned from the factory at that wavelength? Or bin yourself, pricing may be around the same. If not, the 488s are cheap and robust enough that you can drive with CV instead of CC, and overvolt a bit to dramatically shift the WL greener at the cost of more...
  8. ZRaffleticket

    375nm USHIO 200mW HL37013MG Diode

    Sharp has a 380nm diode, GH0382AA2G, though it may be hard to get... 1W 375s are slated for next year on yet another company's lineup as well.
  9. ZRaffleticket

    Difference between Sharp GH0631IA2G and GH0631IA2GC?

    Can't say I've ever noticed that before... The extra C is likely a revision, and is the current model according to their website's lineup. Probably new stock vs old stock. Looking at the datasheets, the only difference I can find is a change to manufacturing tolerance of divergence on one axis...
  10. ZRaffleticket

    561nm Laser Pointer Presenter Received from Lasence

    I've tested this already, 473nm mixes better, anything deeper and it gets an odd magenta tinge to it. https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/finally-i-own-a-2w-577nm.109345/post-1611188
  11. ZRaffleticket

    light "artefacts" or bad focus with G8 lens?

    Yes it could be a fake G8, but can I say that this is normal behavior for the G8 and that diode... And many other "exorbitantly powerful for the wavelength" class of diodes. Think the 5W+ blues, 1W+ greens, 700mW+ reds. Basically this is the problem: This pattern often shows up when the diode's...
  12. ZRaffleticket

    I need UV-C laser

    The link posted is probably the only commercial source for any UVC laser, and that one alone will easily be in the 4 or 5 figure range. 1W of output would surely be 5 figure range or higher, if you could even find a lab that would sell something so dangerous to an individual. For what reason do...
  13. ZRaffleticket

    Post your vintage pointers (weather you still have it or not)

    Yeah I'm still kicking myself for not ever getting one of the teal marble anodized hosts pictured there. Not really too vintage, but more of a funny thing to own. I think a few of us have these:
  14. ZRaffleticket

    Selling some of my lasers

    Sending pm about the rpl Edit, going to pass on it
  15. ZRaffleticket

    I need help wiring laser diodes, I made an expensive mistake!

    170mA @ 5V doesn't sound like it is being driven hard enough to give you 150mW out. Green diodes usually would need a driver supplying around 300-400mA at around 6.5V, assuming it's the PLP520-B1 per DTR's testing. Is the 12V line coming straight from the power supply into the 5V regulator, or...
  16. ZRaffleticket

    I need help wiring laser diodes, I made an expensive mistake!

    The spec sheet says driver pcb inside, it is already being regulated, and that regulation expects 5V in. Current will be variable, but should not draw more than 450mA in that unit. You should be able to confirm this with the seller. No need to do anything different in this particular scenario --...
  17. ZRaffleticket

    Finally... I own a 2W 577nm!

    Yeah that's kind of what I figured. I have some cleaning solution and microfiber cloths from edmund but even then I don't trust myself because any small speck of dust can scratch a coating and leave it worse off, and for someone with coal heating dust is always a problem
  18. ZRaffleticket

    Finally... I own a 2W 577nm!

    Yessir. The fan is deafening up close. I also need to poke around in it and clean some glass and possibly replace the beam expander. This has more splash on it than I'm happy with... just need to find the courage to crack open a $2000 laser and not screw anything up. Haven't gotten to meet...
  19. ZRaffleticket

    Selling Most of my Collection

    Agreed. I'm interested in the 532 since the btb's were such high quality, but I'm fairly sure that's what sowee went for. too late, darn. Good luck on the sale!
  20. ZRaffleticket

    Request for NUBM44-V2 Spectral Data

    Potentially because we push these diodes well past their ratings, which wouldn't reasonably be expected to be provided in datasheets? Just my $.02. If staying within ratings then absolutely just refer to the datasheets. (I should proofread before posting, not after. Of course it's within...