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  1. agravlin


    Re: 1.6w Mmm, my first-born for the $300 one. 1.6W at a continuous cycle? Freaking amazing.
  2. agravlin

    SOLD: 2 @ 445nm >950mW

    Re: FS:2 @ 445nm >950mW What apparent temperature do you think is "time to turn it off" hot? When it's detectably above room temperature, when it's lukewarm like the back of my LCD monitor, or when it's hot enough to be uncomfortable to touch? Hard to know how much heat these can take. I've...
  3. agravlin

    Stupid 18650 question.

    How do you guys say "18650"? Do you say "eighteen six fifty", "one eight six five zero/oh", "eighteen thousand, six hundred and fifty", "one eighty six, fifty", "eighteen sixty-five aught"? I know, it's trivial, but it would be nice to know how most of you answer when someone asks what kind of...
  4. agravlin

    SOLD: 2 @ 445nm >950mW

    Re: FS:2 @ 445nm >950mW What's the duty cycle on the black one? Is it still available?
  5. agravlin

    SOLD: 2 @ 445nm >950mW

    Re: FS:2 @ 445nm >950mW Aww shucks, someone got the Ehgemus already. Any chance you're putting together any Jayrob Stainless Steel 18650 445nm builds any time soon? I'd buy one immediately.
  6. agravlin

    I'm looking to buy a decent red laser.

    I highly recommend Rayfoss lasers. I only have a Blu-Ray from them, but for the price, they're AMAZING. Nice solid flashlight hosts with focusable heads. Consistent output. www.rayfoss.com The waterproof 200mW is awesome.
  7. agravlin

    SOLD: 2 @ 445nm >950mW

    Re: FS:2 @ 445nm >950mW What's the little circular notch on the side of the head on the Ehgemus one? Does the Ehgemus build have a copper heatsink?
  8. agravlin

    Aus artic

    Then do it. Less spam is a good thing.
  9. agravlin

    looking for green/red 200MW laser

    Yeah, Rayfoss is awesome. O-Like's hosts are a bit cheap.
  10. agravlin

    WTB: 18650 Host

    Pssh, who needs anything else? I'd buy every laser in the SS18650 kit if I could.
  11. agravlin

    FS: Stainless Steel 18650 Kit! Polished! Perfect for 445...

    This is by far the best host I've laid my hands on. I wish more people would sell lasers in these hosts, because I'd buy them all up.
  12. agravlin

    WTB: 18650 Host

    Jayrob's Stainless Steel 18650 kit is the absolute BEST host ever made. http://laserpointerforums.com/f64/fs-stainless-steel-18650-kit-polished-perfect-445-a-52159.html Everything you need is right there.
  13. agravlin

    FS: Over 1Watt, 445nm Laser, custome host..2 - CR123

    Oh man, that's beautiful. I just wish it used 18650's.
  14. agravlin

    WTB: One of Iknitsteel's Tritium Keychains.

    I'm so jealous. Of course, the rainbow bar is a bit out of my price range.
  15. agravlin

    WTB: One of Iknitsteel's Tritium Keychains.

    The ones on eBay are the ones sold by DealExtreme, which I've heard are cheap and not very durable. I've heard that Merkava's are somewhat fragile as well, compared to Iknitsteel's. I really like Iknitsteel's design and the thick material he uses, so I would still prefer to purchase one of his.
  16. agravlin

    **Maybe Another?** GB: LPC-815 Sleds $4.45 300mW Red Laser Diode

    Re: **Closed Accepting Payments!** Official GB: LPC-815 Sleds $4.45 300mW Red Laser D Now that the group buy is finished, I hope some members will resell a few of these. I missed the GB by a couple of days, but I'd love to pick up a couple.
  17. agravlin

    Where do you find Class IV-capable red diodes?

    Apparently you can't read the writing in my posts. Read my original post. I did several searches on the forums and Google, including one of "Class IV red diode" and found nothing useful, especially since the forum filters out "IV" because it is not three characters long.
  18. agravlin

    Diode Wavelengths

    Why exactly is it only possible to make plain old diodes that produce only a few wavelengths? Why do we have to produce 532nm light with IR flowing through a crystal? Why do we have to produce 488nm light by passing a beam through Argon gas? These wavelengths are functionally no different from...
  19. agravlin

    Where do you find Class IV-capable red diodes?

    Stupid people in large numbers are still stupid. And it's not "the whole forum". It's just a bunch of stoners lacking mental capacity.