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  1. Jacob32123

    Online ILD to PNG (and SVG to ILD) Converter

    I have been frustrated with many of the options and costs to simply look at ILD files. Many free options will only read files using the older (pre 2007) ILD standard. I decided to write an online ILD viewer that reads ILD files under all of the current standards. It outputs each frame as a PNG...
  2. Jacob32123

    RSS Feed

    I have noticed on a lot of other forums (including vBulletins), they have the options for an RSS feed (either of the whole forum, or individual section). Being that I spend a lot of time each day on forums, I am trying to consolidate to a single feed. Is there any way we could enable that? I...
  3. Jacob32123

    USPS International Banning LiOn Batteries

    FYI http://preview.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2404351,00.asp
  4. Jacob32123

    A WL on a Shark

    Aquatic stunt: Frickin' sharks with frickin' laser beams - Gadgetbox on msnbc.com At least WL wasn't responsible for it.
  5. Jacob32123

    Electrolytic Capacitor Question

    I did some googleing, and couldn't figure this out. :thinking: If a electrolytic capacitor rated for 40 volts was hooked to up to 12 volts backwards for a few minutes, would it explode?
  6. Jacob32123

    RIYA Driver?

    I just bought a RIYA Lite DAC, and am looking for the driver. I am running Windows 7, 64 Bit. Anyone have a copy of the driver? Windows cant find it. EDIT: NVM, download at http://www.riyalasers.com/download/RMB_install_disc.zip
  7. Jacob32123

    Bizarre Home Electrical Problem (Pic Heavy)

    For a few months now, I have been getting shocked when I touch anything powered by a DC power supply that is not case neutral. The problem is so odd, I figured if I posted about it, no one would believe me, but my voltmeter shows it too. The problem occurs when you touch the output of a DC...
  8. Jacob32123

    Sound active ILDA show?

    I just bought a RIYA DAC, to use with my Reke 500RGB. I have Spaghetti, but I cant figure out one important thing. If I program shows to a bunch of songs, but then there are a few songs that get played that I dont have a show for, what do I do? When I went over DMX, I would use Sound 2 Light in...
  9. Jacob32123

    WTB: RIYA Lite DAC

    I am looking for a RIYA lite DAC. I was going to buy it fro dr.lava, but he doesn't sell them without LSX (I am sure he would if I messaged him), and I have heard a lot of bad things about him. Does anyone have one for sale, or another source for them?
  10. Jacob32123

    $55 Fiber Coupled 473nm Laser

    Fiber-coupled 473 nm blue laser + fluorescence probe | eBay These look like more B&W Tek units
  11. Jacob32123

    Can someone explain driver voltage?

    So as simple as this is, I searched, and couldnt find and info that seemed to make sense. So the diode I am talking about here is the 10mW 635nm here which has a voltage range of 2.3-2.6 volts I am planning on using a rckstr driver which has a voltage drop of 2.25 volts. But this would...
  12. Jacob32123

    WTB: Beam Splitting Filter

    I am looking for something like Optotronics Product Details Optotronics has a $20 minimum, and dosent respond to my emails :thinking:, so I am looking to buy elsewhere. A cube style filter wont work for my application, it needs to be a think filter. Thanks in advance, Jacob
  13. Jacob32123

    FS: OmniSistem Magic Box II RGY Scanner. PRICE DROP

    I have it for sale over at feeBay OmniSistem Magic Box II Multicolor RGY Laser Show | eBay I want to sell this ASAP, so if you are willing to do the deal through PayPal, and not eBay, for LPF members, I will do free shipping. This makes a great starter laser, it was my first scanner, and I am...
  14. Jacob32123

    Basic Scanner Questions

    I am looking at building a scanner, and I am quite confused about a few things First, I see a lot of people use sound card DACs. AFAIK, A DAC is basically a USB - ILDA converter. If I pick any lasershow software will it work with any DAC? Second, on feeBay, I see a lot of DACs (ex: "DAC...
  15. Jacob32123

    FS: CPU Style Heatsinks

    So I bought a bunch of these Sanyo Denki Router Fan/Heatsink Part# 109X9212PT0H016-The Electronic Goldmine with the hope to make laser heatsinks out of them. Unfortunately, the copper does not go all the way through the heatsink, only about 1/2 inch (dont rely on that number) at the thinnest...
  16. Jacob32123

    3.3 & 5 volt power supply

    SALE! - Lambda Regulated +5VDC and +3.3VDC Power Supply-The Electronic Goldmine This would be good for powering pt-54s, and 445 diodes
  17. Jacob32123

    DIY 100 Watt Halogen Flashlight UPDATED

    Update: See post 25 for parts list So I was looking for a project to do, and decided to build a WL torch like flashlight. Planning: So I decided a Maglite would be the best host, so after hours on end of research, I came to the conclusion that a the lowest voltage for a 100 watt bulb with a...
  18. Jacob32123

    LiPos in paralell?

    I am working on a flashlight that is going to be powered off a LiPo array. Is there anything wrong with hooking three cells in series, and then hooking there of those packs in parallel to form a 3sx3p array? Each three cell pack would be balanced charged separately, so my worry is that the...
  19. Jacob32123

    Opinions: Strange Smell in San Diego

    Has anyone heard about this? I smelled this right around 2 yesterday, it seemed impossible to describe the smell, the two things I thought it most smelled like were rubber and jet fuel. Officials Continue Tests In Mystery Odor Investigation - San Diego News Story - KGTV San Diego The comments...
  20. Jacob32123

    For those who post images on LPF...

    While looking for a exposure time in a picture on LPF I noticed something that I think everyone should be aware of. For those who do not know what EXIF data is, let me explain, if you do know, then you can just skip the next paragraph. EXIF data is some information stored with pictures. This...