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  1. XxCodyDarnellxX

    *SOLD* - 300mW+ 532nm Skylaser starter bundle!

    SOLD FOR $150 Hey everyone! Long time no talk. I'm back, but unfortunately not to rejoin the laser community, but to leave it. :( I'm selling this laser to get up the required funds to properly take care of this beauty here. IMPORTANT NOTE: I may acquire the funds within the next...
  2. XxCodyDarnellxX

    532nm over the Ocean!

    Hey Everyone! I've been promising some beam shots, so I guess it's about time I deliver. :drool: Some notes: It's still light outside, as you can see. The beam shows up poorly on camera (So incredible in person), and it was foggy out! ;) Look out for my upcoming...
  3. XxCodyDarnellxX

    [CLOSED] - Local Laser Selling?

    Hey everyone! :wave: So, I've been showing off my new 300mW 532nm laser quite a bit. I live in a small town, with literally nothing to do aside from go to the ocean. Which gets old after so many years. So, this laser is like 'the coolest toy ever' to everyone who sees it. I've been the talk...
  4. XxCodyDarnellxX

    Ebay Pens - Before I purchase them!

    Hey Everyone! As I do before all of my laser-related business decisions, I come to you guys for feedback, warnings, suggestions, etc. So, here's the item in question this time around. 5mW 532nm Astronomy Mid Open Green Beam Light Laser Pointer Pen Class 3A Black | eBay Now, bear in mind, I...
  5. XxCodyDarnellxX

    Laser Shaving?

    Hey everyone! So I was shaving the other day, and thinking about lasers (isn't that what everyone thinks about while shaving?), and I thought about laser hair removal. So, some questions came to mind. 1. What output power do they use for laser hair removal? Answered Questions! 2. Does...
  6. XxCodyDarnellxX

    In Need of Good Glasses!

    With my 300mW 532nm having been payed for now, I was browsing around the forums for another option if the "Cheap Safety Glasses" (link in my siggy) don't work out after I test them, when I came across the stickied thread about an LPF member who took a shot to the eye, for not even 1 second, from...
  7. XxCodyDarnellxX

    Uvex S0360X Ultra-spec 2000 Safety Eyewear

    Hey Everyone! :wave: New Uvex S0360X Ultra Spec 2000 Safety Eyewear Orange Frame SCT Orange Anti Fog | eBay I know I've been inactive over the past week, due to the holidays, BUT I did have this pair of what's referred to around here as "better than nothing" glasses arrive in the mail today...
  8. XxCodyDarnellxX

    IR filter my 532nm?

    Hey guys! I'm ordering my 532nm 300mW laser from the upcoming group buy, but with an added IR filter being less than $2, I was curious as to if I should get one with it? Pros, cons? Appreciate it. :thanks:
  9. XxCodyDarnellxX

    Laser Cake?

    Hey Everyone! My birthday is TOMORROW, so I think we need to get the most important business taken care of. Which one of you are going to make me this cake? ;) Seriously though, I saw this while browsing birthday cakes (yes, I buy my own birthday cakes, because friends are overrated)...
  10. XxCodyDarnellxX

    Translating Wavelengths to Colors!

    Hey Everyone! When I first started shopping for lasers, I wasn't sure how each wavelength, (also known as "nm" or "nanometre") translated to it's respective color, so I thought I'd share this image with the member-base here, so you can see not only what each wavelength (numbers at the bottom)...
  11. XxCodyDarnellxX

    Finally decided, sound alright?

    After a few days of browsing, searching, researching, and learning as much as I could, I've decided that this will be my final receipt on everything I'll need for my first ever batch of lasers and equipment. I was aiming for a $250 budget for this first batch, and landed about where I needed it...
  12. XxCodyDarnellxX

    Laser Owners in Oregon?

    Hello everyone! I'm just returning to laserpointerforums after having been absent all summer long, and was curious as to if there were any laser owners in Oregon within a reasonable distance of Bandon. I'm willing to travel to Coos Bay, North Bend, Myrtle Point, Langlois, and anywhere within 30...
  13. XxCodyDarnellxX

    Finding a Balance between "Fun" and "Safety".

    I'm having trouble finding a balance between "Fun" and "Safety" while searching for a good 532nm (Green) laser. So far, I've settled upon a 300mW, which I figure will be powerful enough to have fun with, but not powerful enough that I have to treat it like a dangerous power tool. What do you...
  14. XxCodyDarnellxX

    Greetings LPF!

    Hey Everyone! I quite honestly joined this website with the intentions of getting help finding a laser, then never logging in again. But, now I've decided to turn lasers in to a hobby, and am here to stay (Sorry for you guys ;) ). My very first post here was "Finding a Laser", so since I plan...
  15. XxCodyDarnellxX

    Under 1w Lasers?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the hobby of "lasers", and am curious as to why so many of the active members of this site, who list all of their "Owned Lasers", don't have any over 1w? The most common ones I see are only around 100w. Is there any specific reason for this? Money to tight to spend on...
  16. XxCodyDarnellxX

    Finding a Laser

    Hey everyone! I have posted this on multiple sites, and am about to on this one. I'm in search of the right laser, for the right price. Below I'll post my requirements and budget, so please when giving suggestions try to stick to that as best possible. REQUIRED 1. A visible beam. For...