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    Use a laser to Vape - E-Cig

    Hey guys, its been a long time :wave: I tried searching this and did not find too much that was related, so if there is a relevant post please link this. Anyways, I started vaping a bit, and a co-worker and I came up with a funny idea of using an alternative way to burn the VP/PG (e-juice). A...
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    Can you guys checkout and "like" my friends art page

    It's on Facebook.. shes actually pretty good and all she wants is people to see her art. :yh: https://www.facebook.com/NaviMoonArt there it is, she has some very interesting and a very different approach to it. btw if your wondering she uses some sort of adobe program to digitally paint...
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    Is this battery rechargable?

    So look at these and do you guys think if they are in fact rechargable would these battery chargers work.. The charger on the left normally charges a 14500 3.7 li-on battery that says" rechargeable" on it The charger on the Right charges a 18650 200mAh 3.7V Li-on battery.. it also says...
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    offers for my 500mw tiny yobresal blue and others.

    Here is my 500mw yobresal tiny laser it was modded by yobresal so its NOT 5-mode its only one mode which is HIGH mode as you can see in the video heres my 100 mw laser that uses a cr 16340" Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting hopefully you can see its...
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    crazy ex girl friends mom leaves a nice message ;)

    Crazy ex girl friends mom calls , and decides she can walk all over her boyfriend, thought someone might laugh at this. ?v=ZsQBzPO62Vk
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    Does Dino Direct even sell lasers anymore?

    Title says it all, I searched before i posted this, so what happened with them?
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    Playing with laser glow board and mirrors

    I had some fun playing with my home made glowboard, I used a 405nm bluray laser and a genuine yobresal tiny 5-mode 500mw 445nm blue laser. Also did some laser effects:D dbQlF8Y1EJU?hd See me trollin' * lol^^
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    todays my birthday yeah!! 21@@@

    YUP ITS MY BDAY im not gonna spend much time online today... but hell.. just wanted to tell you guys im 21 now hell yeah right? well k bye!
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    NFL players faking injurys- I got video proof!

    well yes i have the proof in fact i recorded a video of it on tv lol... this is just a shame what players and teams are doing.. and i mean if there gonna do it .. they GOTTA DO IT RIGHT . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV3K_ML2UsI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV3K_ML2UsI
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    yobresal - Tiny 500mW 5 mode 445nm (fog pics)

    I recently received of which I believe was the first of the second batch of yobresal's tiny 445nm 500mw blue laser, all I can say is I love it, its definitely my favorite laser out of my collection. I know there's a few reviews out there but tonight was really foggy and seemed appropriate to...
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    50mw o-like pics in fog

    I bought a 50mw o-like transformable green laser and wanted to share some pics of it and something else I recently bought from DinoDirect a 1000 lumen Uniquefire flashlight (left - laser , right - flashlight)^^ and now some beam shots i took with my HTC android Incredible in the Fog...
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    Possible laser colors

    Ive read around and Ive seen threads about pink not being possible as a actual laser pointer color, so my question is.. What are the actual possible colors that are currently available to us in this criteria: -what colors are possible with handheld lasers? -what colors are possible with all...
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    dino direct ripping me off

    So i bought a 405nm 50mw laser which is right here 50mw 405nm Handheld Adjust Focus Violet Purple Blue Laser Pointer SD302(1 x 18650 included) - DinoDirect.com I receive it and it works just fine, and does not burn anything , even when focused there is nothing. Thats fine with me cause im...
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    DIY glow board?

    Ive seen a lot of forums about really cool (expensive) glow boards, that react to 405nm lasers . I found it interesting and I ordered a 50mw 405nm laser from dinodirect. Now my challenge is finding a way to create a budget friendly glow board that is at least half the size of a normal wall...
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    hey from maryland.

    whats up i am making building a laser a summer project, i got a 16x dvd burner and an aixiz module that is taking forever to come to my house. I also made this account to ask someone or one of the experts this question: How does a 100mw -200mw laser react when shined through a 1/4 inch or...