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  1. jakeyboii

    WTB!! Pen Style Laser

    Hey everyone after selling my collection 2 years ago I have just got back into laser in need of getting my collection back! I'm in serious need of a pen style (high quality one) to add to my collection can't have one without it any wavelength I'm after 808nm would give u a bonus cookie tho :P...
  2. jakeyboii

    I'm back!

    Hey everyone are there still good laser stores out there ended up selling everything in my sig really want to start a new collectiont sorry if wrong spot to thank you to everyone who can help out with a link will be searching the forum too :)
  3. jakeyboii


    All sold
  4. jakeyboii

    WTF am i gonna do now :(

    paypal have banned me for apprently "not agreing to terms of service" when i asked what specifacly i did wrong they wouldn't tell me off then i kept asking and they stupid fucking idiot kept laughing at me and hanged up!! my website runs of paypal, my ebay everything, im totally screwed now!
  5. jakeyboii

    Dragon Lasers Viper 55mW

    this laser arrived today and it is just amazing, the beautiful sleek pen host is just perfect, the beauitful green beem can be seen for miles! also pops ballons toi brought a 55mW green and it peaks at 123mW and averages 104mW i highly suggest you get one! a video will be up soon!! all up it...
  6. jakeyboii

    im loving this my little pony avatars!

    i want my Avartar to stay this way please!
  7. jakeyboii

    What Laser Do You Guys Recommend I Get Next?

    hey guys I already have -~136mW Focusable DX (650nm) <- wanting to giveaway or sell for under <$30 -~1mW SkyLaser (532nm) -~50mW O-Like PowerRock (532nm) -~55mW DragonLasers Viper (532nm) * -~300mW JetLasers PL-E (532nm) * -~2+Watt Danefex MiniSabre V2 (445nm) -~1+Watt Survival Laser S4...
  8. jakeyboii

    Wicked Lasers Arctic 1watt *Pics Uploaded*

    hello everyone my Wicked Lasers Arctic 1watt arrived today! took about 1 week to get here :) i love it, the host is beautiful also gets 1166mW on my LaserBee i checked power of it on WL site and this is what they say it is
  9. jakeyboii

    - Don't You Love When..

    - before you pay someone they talk to you non stop, but after you pay them they don't respond.. We talked for hours but after i pay them, they randomall stop talking to me I haven't heard from them for 3 days now...
  10. jakeyboii

    I'm Ready To Order From JetLasers

    hello guys, I've never brought anything from Jetlasers and was wondering which laser do you recommend getting first? I was thinking either the: PL-E Code 445nm 1Watt or PL-E 300mW 532nm I Appreciate all the help I get, Thanks, Jake
  11. jakeyboii

    ★Anybody Know Were To Get A Laser That Has Strobe★

    Hello everyone, How are we all? :) my question is, does any other company make lasers with that strobe mode that Wicked Lasers have? Yes I have Search Forum/Google i don't "strobe" is the wordthe use for that effect main reason I want it is because it makes great beam effects when using a...
  12. jakeyboii

    is this a good deal?

    i was able to obtain $60 OFF Wicked Lasers Arctic or Krypton The picture below includes Expidited shipping. Thanks i value your opinions :)
  13. jakeyboii

    Skype Me

    hello everyone, anyone who has skype and want's to add me your more then welcome too My Skype Name is: lalajakeyxx I'm from Melbourne, Australia :)
  14. jakeyboii

    LaserBee II Review *jakeyBoii*

    LaserBe II About a week ago i purchased laserbee II for $386.98 USD including international shipping. Shipping: only took 6 Days! the shipping is incredibly fast! Packing: The Packing Was Perfect as you can see below nice and secure Nice Box Lots Of Packing Peanuts! All Packed Tight...
  15. jakeyboii

    Any Australian's Got Any Gadgets They Wanna Sell?

    hello, everyone! I was wondering if any Australian's here wanna sell some lasers related gadgets (including lasers) PM me :) or Reply :) Also, if your not in australia an wanna sell me something, just pm me ;) Thanks, Jake
  16. jakeyboii

    What I've Bought This Week! *UPDATED*

    LaserBee II $400 ✓ LINK REVIEW MiniSabre V2 Blue $300 LINK Fog Machine $60 ✓ LINK Safety Glasses $60 LINK Smoke Fluid $20 LINK Batteries $25 LINK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Survival Laser I 445nm Parts Bundle $148 LINK Conical Focus Adapter $15 LINK...
  17. jakeyboii

    Wanting to buy wicked laser I pay top $$$

    Any gots any wicked lasers? I'll buy them Serious Buyer, Thans, jake
  18. jakeyboii

    Anyone Wanna Sell Me A Greenie?

    over >100mW Must have a Nice Host Price isn't an issue Post a Pic Or Pm Me With Details Thanks, Jake!
  19. jakeyboii

    DIY Laser Gun Build (walther PPK)

    hey i thought i'd give building another laser ago, just really puzzled on were to start what diode would best fit 17mm hole i can bore it out a little more if needed reckon i could fit a battery in the 19mm mag? Sorry i should of done me homework before asking people here, but i'd need...
  20. jakeyboii

    My Fresh Batch Of Smoke Bombs!

    Just finished making another batch of smoke bombs and thought I'd mould them different then I usually do :) I usually make them a ball shape! By the way, they still have to finish cooling :p Opinions ? Thanks, Jake!