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  1. mikeeey

    SOLD: Wicked Lasers Arctic 445nm 1W

    I actually planned on listing it on eBay, seeing there's currently a listing up right now for one with minimal use, with 10 bids on it at $265.00. There's still 2 days remaining so I imagine the price will increase even further. I'd like to get the most money out of it possible, however I...
  2. mikeeey

    Randomly recieved a free Arctic in the mail.

    Today a package was delivered to me, which required a signature. I hadn't ordered anything and was very confused what it could possibly be, however the package did have it's famaliarness, like it's from China. To my surprise it was a brand new 445nm Arctic from Wicked Lasers. I'm VERY confused...
  3. mikeeey

    Setup help: hooking up 3 inputs to 1 monitor w/ PC speakers

    I'm getting confused just trying to think about this. I begin to think I almost have it and suddenly I'm back to square 1. To make things easy, the computer, Ps3, and 360 will all be using HDMI inputs. I figured I could buy this 3-in-1 HDMI switch box: Amazon.com: Ultra High Performance HDMI...
  4. mikeeey

    Question: Moving Windows to SSD, keeping everything else on HDD?

    I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'm trying to find a way to get my computer to boot off of a SSD, preferably making it drive E:. Then I could keep everything else on my 1.5TB HDD (games, music, downloads, etc.) as drive C:, since windows would recognize the games and programs being...
  5. mikeeey

    Funny video on facebook, person doesn't believe the Spartan can burn.

    YouTube - Spartan 1watt blue laser vs Renee gGb1yiOzYlg If the camera guy is a member here on LPF then let yourself be known! this video is funny!
  6. mikeeey

    Candle Lighting Tips?

    Perhaps it's just the candles I've been using, but I haven't had any luck getting them to light. Maybe I should try some cheap birthday candles. I've tried focused to infinity, focused up close to the smallest point, and an in between (smaller than infinity but not a pin point dot) I've tried...
  7. mikeeey

    +250mW CNI Spartan in thick fog & with Arctic Lens's!

    This is one of those times I wish I had an SLR camera... I woke up at 5:30am to do homework, I realized I do homework best when I first wake up compared to trying to stay up at night and procrastinating. Nothing can distract me in the morning right? FOG! I grabbed my Spartan +250mW and S3...
  8. mikeeey

    1W Spartan 447nm demonstration and Arctic Lens's attached!

    Here's a small demonstration of my Spartan 1W, similar to my Arctic video. However I show my Arctic lens's attached! (I didn't have these when I made my Arctic video) This is BY FAR much better than the Arctic, and it even appears more blue! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM7MJd_jjdM AM7MJd_jjdM
  9. mikeeey

    Risk in discharging an unprotected battery(s)?

    Everyone is probably familiar with these: They've always done me well in the past. But now that I have my Spartan 447nm I've wanted to use them in it. My current batteries die too quickly, and it only takes 20-30 minutes to recharge, so I'm considering these. Is there a risk in completely...
  10. mikeeey

    Does CNI's PGL-M drivers allow 2x cr123a batteries?

    Tomorrow I should get my CNI PGL-M 532nm Spartan from Twhite. I don't plan on using 2 cr123a's on it, but it's a piece of information I'd just like to know. Does CNI make their drivers so it will work with 2 cr123a's? or does it atleast have some sort of protection from killing it? The only...
  11. mikeeey

    Post your facebook!

    Only if you want. I already have a few members from LPF on my facebook, and always willing to expand those numbers. Mike Weisenfeld | Facebook if you don't have your own facebook link you can make one here: Login | Facebook
  12. mikeeey

    Looking for a certain firefox plugin

    Does anyone know if there is a plugin for firefox that allows you to "open" a media file and it will begin to play it as it downloads? much like IE6 (and previous versions) would do with WMP. Right now when you open something it just downloads the whole thing (as if you were saving it) and then...
  13. mikeeey

    Anyone heard of/played Amnesia: The Dark Descent?

    I just bought it yesterday, it was released 3 days ago. I've been waiting for this for over half a year now. Not sure if anyone's heard of it, but I don't think there's a scarier game out there! Amnesia: The Dark Descent M627-obxNzg u1nY_5-UrY4
  14. mikeeey

    WickedLasers Spyder 3 Expanded Lens Kit with Pocket Mini (Mini Arctic) (image heavy)

    So I sent out my Arctic about a week ago for a refund, and just today I got the S3 Expanded lens kit, which was unexpected. When I sent out the Arctic I wrote a note on the RMA paper saying I never received the Lens kit and wanted a refund on it as well. I wonder if they will give me a refund...
  15. mikeeey

    Can anyone make a custom focusing lens for the Spartan?

    I'm not sure if anyone on the forum is able to machine a custom focusing lens (or even a fixed focus lens) for the Spartan. Frank from DL told me there may be a new beam expander for the Spartan in a few months, maybe I will just wait until then, but I was hoping there was some other alternative...
  16. mikeeey

    It's my birthday!

    :bday: I have just turned 19! :bday:
  17. mikeeey

    Best/Reliable car HID's?

    I recently got a Dodge Neon 2005 SXT and wanted to put some 8000k HID's in it. If I were to buy them online what are some good brand names, as well as names I want to stay away from? What's some of the best websites out there?
  18. mikeeey

    Great Customer Support from Jimmy @ WickedLasers

    I had tried to send an email to the support regarding my broken Arctic, but it sent back saying they are no longer taking emails because they're too flooded, and to create a ticket. So I created a ticket and said I wanted a refund, and I checked back today and that ticket was gone, or deleted...
  19. mikeeey

    Great Live Support from DragonLasers

    I'd just like to say I spoke with Frank from dragonlasers. The service was amazing! Talking to Frank felt like talking to a friend, a real person. I had troubles trying to order the Spartan, I ended up having 3 orders of which only 1 took my money, and even then the system didn't register it (if...
  20. mikeeey

    WickedLasers Arctic G2 Spyder III, small review/overview by mikeeey

    I got my Arctic just 4 days before my 19th birthday, hooray! Too bad I bought it 3 months prior. The laser's "package" was like a grey garbage bag. Inside this grey plastic bag each item was nicely fit into bubblewrap like tetris pieces. Each day I envisioned myself opening up the box and...