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  1. Hemlock_Mike

    SSY-1 flash tubes

    I don't know how many SSY-1 heads there are out there anymore but parts are rare - -especially flash tubes. I am trying to find a source but I need to know if there is interest in some. I have no price yet so your reply is non committal !!!! HM (mike)
  2. Hemlock_Mike

    Klingon Disrupter "toy"

    It has been a long time on this SSY-1 project. I had it working in that small space and then broke the flash tube moving the heavy anode wire. I am working with a company which may be able to provide me with a new tube(s) ? That SSY is a great little laser and there are no flash tubes...
  3. Hemlock_Mike

    DIY collimator for 16W IR laser

    I have a FAP800-40 but I keep it limited to 10 watts for testing. Getting a lens set for producing a tight dot is troubling but I'm getting better !! HM
  4. Hemlock_Mike

    DIY collimator for 16W IR laser

    ME109 --- I'm currently working on the same project with an FAP800. Nasty wide beam..... I'm have some luck getting it kind of under control but that damn 19 dots sometimes won't converge at even 10'. Keep trying ! HM
  5. Hemlock_Mike

    What all can a laser lase and make "radioactive"?

    It glows yellow with a 405 nM but no Geiger counter clicks. HM
  6. Hemlock_Mike

    Remember to exercise those argons!

    They make good room hearers in the winter ! HM
  7. Hemlock_Mike

    Remember to exercise those argons!

    I hadn't run my LASOS for two years...... Last night, I let the cathode heat for about 8 minutes and she fired right up. Old hot cathode tubes need to heat up before you slip 'em the juice ! HM
  8. Hemlock_Mike

    Handheld Co2 Laser Project

    My CO2 hand held is only 10 Watts ... It eats 18650 cells fast. HM
  9. Hemlock_Mike

    CO2 gas for laser - Source

    I know this thread is old but long ago, i helped a guy on here who said he got his breath to lase. Then, I was using a mix of 10% CO2, 5.6% N2 and 84.4% He. I think I found that in Scientific American back then. HM
  10. Hemlock_Mike

    5W FAC laser diode ( line output )

    Thanks for your help. I ordered one rather than try to build one !!! I may try removing the ball holder but I'll try the adapter first.
  11. Hemlock_Mike

    5W FAC laser diode ( line output )

    The G ball is still affixed. I didn't know about de-canning it What are the options? Mike
  12. Hemlock_Mike

    5W FAC laser diode ( line output )

    RC -- I sent you a "conversation" but I'll try here now. I have a NUBM-06 diode from DTR mounted in a 9 mm housing. Which focus lens will work with that diode's long nose?? Mike
  13. Hemlock_Mike

    100W Blue Laser Exploding/Vaporizing Black Coffee.. (Video)

    The laser cutters I've seen around here are CO2 or fiber lasers. The cutting tip also has gas assist like a gas cutting torch. SMOOTH cut! Mike
  14. Hemlock_Mike

    Pioneer 16X BDR-209DBK

    Is the right or left pin + ?
  15. Hemlock_Mike

    DTR BDR-209 405nm Laser Diode shows a blurry square light.

    Jordan sells good parts - No problems here. Does the artifact rotate when you turn the lens? That can tell you where the problem is caused.
  16. Hemlock_Mike

    My thor m2 1 watt version turns on bright then slowly powers down. What do I do?

    LiIon cells typically charge to about 4.2 volts when full. 2800 mA HOURS may be a little over rated but can depend on the discharge rate.
  17. Hemlock_Mike

    Driver question

    Will a Micro flex V5 driver output 600mA to a BDR 209 diode? Mike
  18. Hemlock_Mike

    1w 405nm pointer build.

    I'm building one like it now. What did you use for a driver and lens ?? Thanks - Mike
  19. Hemlock_Mike

    LPF History 107 – Final Exam

    I'm still around !!! At 72, I have slowed a bit but I still play with my toys. My left eye was damaged in cataract surgery and I can't see to solder well any more and had to sell my plane but I survived covid easily !!! It's hard to believe - almost 14 years ! Carry on dudes !!! Hemlock Mike