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  1. comradmax

    Posting in total euphoria!!!

    :gj: HD seems to be a good source for hosts these days:)
  2. comradmax

    6x 405nm diodes FS

    Sorry, I meant just for the three SF-AW210, can't use the 3.6mm's:) If you're interested, please PM me and we'll talk details and price.
  3. comradmax

    6x 405nm diodes FS

    Would you be able to beat this price (link) shipped to USA?
  4. comradmax

    Cheap LOC build

    Very lucky, considering how good the fit is. OD=1", I bought 5 of these from Mohrenberg, then it was a matter of checking every flashlight everywhere I went - spent a lot of time at Target, for example...:)
  5. comradmax

    Another Breakthrough at CERN

    Someone smart please comment on the following statement: there is no such thing as an anti-photon. My reasoning is that anti-matter produces light that is indistinguishable from light produced by regular matter. Here is another way of saying this: if some very far away star made out of...
  6. comradmax

    Cheap LOC build

    Thanx Jander! I liked your PHR build you did in this host. The ring doesn't stay on anymore. I had to use a button from a diff red flashlight, and it's a little smaller diameter, so the ring falls off:)
  7. comradmax

    Just did a red build in one of those magnetic HomeDepot hosts. They're perfect for a 1" dia...

    Just did a red build in one of those magnetic HomeDepot hosts. They're perfect for a 1" dia heatsink.
  8. comradmax

    Cheap LOC build

    I took pictures side-by-side with my 1st LOC build, also using a glass Aixiz 650 lens. I bought 2 more, and the new ones seem to have more spill. I can make out the shape of the inside of the diode with the 2 pins and the hump in between. Does this mean the back of the new lens is not coated...
  9. comradmax

    Thanks for the rep! Glad you liked the Red build:)

    Thanks for the rep! Glad you liked the Red build:)
  10. comradmax

    The Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse

    You're screwed, I think zombies use IDE.:)
  11. comradmax

    Glad you liked my laser build, and thank you for the rep+:)

    Glad you liked my laser build, and thank you for the rep+:)
  12. comradmax

    Cheap LOC build

    HOST: HomeDepot flashlight (2-pack for $5, so $2.5) HEATSINK: Mohrenberg ($5) LENS: Aixiz 650nm coated glass ($6) DIODE: LOC ($10) DRIVER: LD1117 (70c), two 3 Ohm resistors (20c) I: 415mA (priceless) BATT: 2x10440 in series ($5) MODULE: Aixiz ($2.5) The HD 2-pack flashlights come in red and...
  13. comradmax

    The Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse

    Sigh, I'm screwed: it's a pipe I made out of HomeDepot's brass fittings...
  14. comradmax

    The Scale of the Universe

    Possibly...:whistle: WRT String Theory: isn't it a great satisfaction to think that the basic building block of the Universe is a vibration of a string? Like a song. Sounds very similar The Silmarillion's creation story.
  15. comradmax

    The Scale of the Universe

    That is because the Universe is the brain of a creature, we might as well call it "God".
  16. comradmax

    Spectrometer readings of some common diode lasers

    Excellent thread, Sir! Do you have a LOC to try?
  17. comradmax

    if you offer "laser safety" advice please read

    I can only look at my DIY LOC dot from the incident side. I noticed quickly that on the reflected side there is an extremely bright speckle pattern, even from matte surfaces. I would never point a laser in a manner that would get it reflected toward anyone, or any-cat. There is also speckle...
  18. comradmax


    Re: FS: Laser-starter kit - 405nm/532nm/650nm keychain + Laserpowermeter I will take the LPM. PM me with details please.
  19. comradmax

    DIY PHR tripod labby build

    Thanx everyone for their positive comments! I'm glad you liked this little build:) spokanedavid, I'm new to many laser things... By scanner are you talking about a 3D laser scanner for making models? I should look into that, sounds like an actual useful thing to do with these lasers:) Oh...
  20. comradmax

    DIY Arduino LPM

    I can still solder the OP-amp by hand. That ADC chip would require me to learn a new way of soldering:) P.S. Is thta Half Dome in your avatar? Seeing must have been great at Yosemite. BTW, what is the 3181253 number for your Solar system location?:thinking: